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My 5-Year Plan For Picking Dividend Doublers

The blue-chip corporations that make up the Dividend Aristocrats are a tribute to the power of dividends. They have raised their payouts for 25 straight years or more and, most importantly, made many of their investors quite wealthy in the process. Unfortunately for us, everyone already knows these firms are great. And as a result, their stocks […]

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As Tesla Surges, Let’s Explore the Difference Between Companies and Stocks

It seems like just about every other week Elon Musk and his company, Tesla Motors, are in the news for one reason or another.  In fact, the company’s stock has seen a huge surge in price to begin 2020.  After Monday’s close (February 10th, 2020), Tesla’s stock is now up 84.44% year-to-date.  Since Tesla’s initial public […]

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Here’s How to Hedge Coronavirus and Other Dangers to Your Stock Portfolio

Investors worried about how badly coronavirus will hurt stocks might consider hedging their portfolio. And hedging like a pro trader these days can be as easy as buying an exchange- traded fund.ProShares, for instance, offers “geared” ETFs. In this context, that means leverage. Financial leverage magnifies the ETF’s assets under management with complicated financial products, […]

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Buy These 4 Stocks for Solid Earnings Acceleration

Earnings growth interests almost everyone, from the top brass to research analysts. After all, earnings are a measure of the money a company is generating. Notably, earnings are essentially revenues that the company generates after deducting the cost of production over a given period of time.Nonetheless, earnings acceleration works even better when it comes to […]

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LabCorp Hits New 52-Week High: What’s Driving the Stock?

Shares of Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings LH or LabCorp reached a new 52-week high of $179.35 on Jan 13, closing the session marginally lower at $179.22. The stock has rallied 9.1% since its third-quarter earnings announcement on Oct 24.The company witnessed strong third-quarter results, backed by the focus on high-growth priorities — including expansion […]

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2019 Was Warren Buffett’s Worst Year In A Decade

Warren Buffett’s bets missed the broader record bull market in 2019 by a long shot.Berkshire Hathaway, the company led by the famed value investor, ended 2019 in the green but still fell short of an important measure of success for the company’s shares.In 2019, shares of Berkshire Hathaway ended the year up 11%, while the […]

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How to Profit from Stock Market Sector Rotation

Trends and fashions come and go in life and in the stock market, and that’s what sector rotation is all about. One type of stock goes is “hot” today but “not hot” a month later. This change is a normal part of the stock market because it works in cycles. And it might sound mysterious, […]

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The Best Way To Miss Out On 7% Dividends In 2020

“Buy low, sell high.” It’s the oldest investor slogan there is—and the deadliest one, too!You simply cannot afford to give in to this “wisdom” today, even though it’s tempting. Now that we’ve seen a couple of days of weakness, you might be wondering if the recent all-time high was a sign to sell—and if all-time […]

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Top 5 Stocks With Solid Net Profit Margin

Net profit margin is the most important entry in an income statement as it demonstrates the affluence of a company. It determines a company’s efficiency in deploying its resources, making it the best metric to measure its profitability.Net Profit Margin= Net profit/Sales * 100.In simple terms, net profit is the amount a company retains after deducting […]

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The Best Dividend Stocks Smart Investors Can Buy With Trade Uncertainty This High

The Trade Deal Soap Opera ContinuesSince the August trade deal swoon, stocks are up 10% with trade-sensitive names like Apple (AAPL) up three times that amount. Following the handshake “phase one” trade deal agreement in October (that avoided new tariffs) China and the US have been talking frequently and trying to hammer out a written […]

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