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Cramer Cheers Apple’s Stock Split Decision: ‘Apple Cares About The Little Guy’

Apple’s decision to split its stock was done to help make it more accessible for investors, CNBC’s Jim Cramer said Friday, referencing a conversation he had with its CEO, Tim Cook. “I think Apple is taking the right move. Tim told me last night, ‘Hey, I want more people in the stock,’” Cramer said on “Squawk […]

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Spirit Airlines Is the Best Bargain in the Airline Industry

Just like flying, Spirit Airlines (NYSE:SAVE) is the best bargain when it comes to airline stocks. And did you know, SAVE stock has been one of the best performers over the past few months? Over the past one and three months, Spirit stock is down 11% and up 20%, respectively. That’s better than a handful of its […]

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Warren Buffett Buys Bank of America Stock as Others Hedge. Who’s Right?

A common conversation among investors these days is whether they should sell their stocks and move to cash, or hedge against a potential decline. So many people have made so much money in such an unusual time that the market resembles an ATM. Put a dollar in today, and in a minute, hour, week, or month, […]

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5 Undervalued Stocks Cooking Up Must-Have Technologies

The stock market has been on a tear since March 23. Together, the Federal Reserve, the Department of Treasury and President Donald Trump have embarked on a path of stabilization. And it’s paying off — we are seeing recovery in the U.S. economy and financial markets. Now, investors should turn to undervalued stocks to find […]

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GameStop: On Its Way To Liquidation

In the last five years, GameStop’s (GME) stock lost more than 90% of its value and the company is currently in the middle of reorganizing itself. While the upcoming release of the next generation of consoles later this year might boost GameStop’s sales, it’s unlikely that the company’s stock will be able to pick up […]

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Gold Hits An All-time High, But Warren Buffett Doesn’t Buy It. Should You?

Gold. It has always held a special place in many people’s hearts. It is beautiful to behold; it is malleable; it can be used for jewelry or just held as a store of value. Midas turned everything to gold. If something is really valuable, it is said to be “good as gold.” But should you own gold? […]

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Does Gold Work in a Stock Market Crisis?

There are plenty of good reasons to like gold right now. But its utility as a stock market hedge isn’t one of them. As the S&P 500 closes in on new highs amid lots of economic uncertainty, plenty of attention is being put on gold. And for good reason – gold is in full-blown breakout territory this […]

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Should Investors Buy the Dip in Portland General Electric (POR) Stock?

Brown Advisory recently released its Q2 2020 Investor Letter. The Small-Cap Fundamental Value Fund posted a return of 20.59% for the quarter, outperforming its benchmark, the Russell 2000 Value Index which returned 18.91% in the same quarter. You should check out Brown Advisory’s top 5 stock picks for investors to buy right now, which could […]

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Will ‘Sell the Microsoft News’ Work for the Bears This Time?

In recent years the market-timing bears have consistently anticipated a “sell the news” reaction to earnings reports. The logic for this argument is easy to understand. Stocks have run up, valuations are aggressive, and strong earnings have already been fully discounted. Unfortunately for our ursine friends, it just hasn’t worked very well. More often than not […]

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Undervalued Wells Fargo Stock Could Be Poised For Big Gains

It’s safe to say Wells Fargo (NYSE:WFC) isn’t doing too hot. Even for a money-center bank, which have been hit hard by recent events. Bank stocks have fallen massively since the start of 2020. But, Wells Fargo stock may have been the hardest hit compared to its big bank rivals.Year-to-date, Bank of America (NYSE:BAC) stock is down […]

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