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The 7 Best Cheap Stocks to Buy for December

We’re coming up to the final month of an absolutely unprecedented year. The year 2020 has been trying and tumultuous, and it has tested the nerve of investors. With a global pandemic, a presidential election, an oil price war and a stock market crash in the mix, the surprises have been nonstop. However, there have […]

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9 Video Game Stocks to Buy for Next-Gen Gains

Having witnessed several small businesses close their doors permanently due to the disruption of the novel coronavirus, it’s hard to imagine that any industry has fared well during this unprecedented crisis. Tragically, more than a quarter-of-a-million Americans have succumbed to Covid-19 — a grim reminder of the pandemic’s toll. Nonetheless, video games have weathered this […]

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Cyclical Sector Outperforming: 6 Cheap ETFs to Track

Vaccine optimism has brought back the lure for the cyclical sector ETFs. This is especially true as a vaccine is being viewed as “a beginning to the end” of the pandemic that should lead to a swift recovery in economic growth, leading to higher spending and confidence.The potential for a divided Congress has also been […]

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4 Top Tech Stocks on the Robinhood 100 to Buy in December

The Robinhood app is one of the most preferred investment platforms for millennials. And the Robinhood 100 list is the go-to place for investors to get a sense of what stocks millennials are most interested in. Technology sector stocks have really been one of the most sought-after sectors since the start of the pandemic. The way […]

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Here’s One Way To Buy Apple Stock Ahead Of A Potential Breakout

Though Apple (AAPL) stock and other big-cap tech leaders remain off their September peaks, the broader market is riding a postelection rally to new highs. A stands for annual earnings growth of at least 25 or more for the last three years, N new product  Volume 0% The erstwhile breather in tech stocks may set up a chance for […]

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7 Canadian Stocks to Buy for Improved International Relations

Canadian stocks will be getting a boost on the news that Joe Biden is the United States’ President-elect. U.S.-Canada relations have been strained during Trump’s term as U.S. President. That much is clear. The U.S. and Canada share a long border, many cultural values and many of the same views in general. Yet, it would […]

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3 Stocks to Buy for a Plant-Based Food Surge

As the race to dominate meat substitutes heats up, plant-based stocks are becoming an investor favorite. There are a couple of reasons for this increasing interest in plant-based meat. One, demand for meat and dairy substitutes is on the rise due to increasing health concerns over animal welfare and the environment. Second, the novel coronavirus […]

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5 Top-Ranked Tech Stocks to Buy Ahead of Thanksgiving

The three major U.S. indices, namely, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq began the thanksgiving week on a bright note, courtesy encouraging vaccine data from AstraZeneca AZN and the University of Oxford.The AstraZeneca-University of Oxford vaccine has shown 90% effectiveness. Notably, in late stage trials, vaccines developed by Pfizer and its German […]

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10 Best Stocks to Buy for Investors Under 30

Did you know there’s a website called It’s true. But if you’re looking for stocks to buy for investors under 30, I wouldn’t recommend you spend much time checking it out. The site appears to be nothing more than a way to generate traffic for other websites. Fear not, I’m here to help you come up with […]

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All Sectors See Outsized Buying in Stocks

As quickly as you can, name your favorite:Actress?Song?Athlete?Show?Movie?Vacation spot?Piece of clothing?Now … what’s your favorite stock? I bet you struggled for a quick response to that last one but likely didn’t hesitate to answer the first seven. The brain only has so much capacity to recall items quickly. The magic number of items is seven. Countless […]

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