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7 Smart Ways To Buy Cheap Stocks With Confidence

Before the pandemic, many financial analysts fretted that younger Americans were not investing in the markets to the rate that prior generations did at the same age bracket. A major reason why is that many millennials came of age during a period of tumult and economic recession. That lingering memory had prevented young folks from […]

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Social Media Stocks on Fire After Snap (SNAP) Breakout

Snap Inc.’s (SNAP) dramatic breakout lit a fire under other social media stocks on Wednesday, lifting Facebook, Inc. (FB), Twitter, Inc. (TWTR), and “visual discovery engine” Pinterest, Inc. (PINS) into strong upticks. All three companies report third quarter 2020 earnings next week, so this price action signals the start of a speculative period that could […]

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5 Simple Steps To Double-Digit Yearly Returns With Dividends

Successful dividend investing is simple, though not necessarily easy. There are nuances which trip up many investors (including most professionals!). These twists and turns create “yield alpha” opportunities for contrarian-minded income investors like us. If everyone else in the market were perfectly grounded and calculated, there would be no chance for us to make above-average returns. Thanks to […]

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Morgan Stanley Says Buy Stocks If There’s an Election Plunge

A plunge in U.S. stocks because of election fears would be the perfect buying opportunity, according to Morgan Stanley (NYSE:MS). Mike Wilson, the bank’s chief U.S. equity strategist, said there’s a good chance markets could drop before the election and investors have recently grown complacent about the risks of a drawn-out legal battle between President Donald Trump and […]

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Walmart Is a Covid-19 Winner. The Case for Buying Its Stock Now.

Walmart stock has jumped 22% in 2020, and Jefferies argues there’s more than one way for the retail giant to keep notching gains. Analyst Stephanie Wissink reiterated a Buy rating and $165 price target on Walmart (ticker: WMT) on Wednesday as she looks at the company’s ever-expanding ecosystem and how it might propel growth. She notes that […]

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Consider Buying Delta Stock Before Its Inevitable Takeoff

It’s mid-October and you know what that means: it’s time for third-quarter earnings. Delta (NYSE:DAL) was one of the first of its industry to release its Q3 report, marking another tough quarter. Yet, DAL stock hardly flinched.Surprisingly enough — despite the turmoil that airlines are going through right now — Delta stock is holding up rather well.  The […]

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3 Stay-at-Home Stocks to Buy if a Second Wave Hits

Major stock indices around the world saw at least a quarter of their values wiped away by the global pandemic. The S&P 500 tanked 35% this spring, which is the fastest-ever fall from its record levels. However, with positive developments in the past few months, U.S. stocks have rebounded sharply, regaining most of their value. The […]

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7 Overlooked Small-Cap Stocks To Buy For Growth

The market has been on a raging rebound since late March. A lot of stocks have seen tremendous returns, but it’s challenging to jump on a moving train. But worry not, because there are some great stocks that have benefited from quarantine trends but are also rising on their own merits — well managed and well […]

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Options Activity Indicates Big Investors Have Become More Cautious

Options activity suggests caution among institutional investors, while individual investors remain very bullish. The Cboe index put/call ratio hit 2.03 Tuesday, which means there were roughly two puts traded for every call, while the Cboe put/call ratio on individual stocks stood at just 0.39, showing that about 2.5 times the number of calls traded than did […]

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5 Nanotech Stocks to Buy for Huge Innovation

Before diving into nanotech stocks to watch it’s important to consider what “nano” is and what it promises. Nano means billionth. Micro, which we are more familiar with, means millionth. Thus, nanotech exists on a scale 1,000 times smaller than the scale on which microtechnology does. Because of this, companies that compete in nanotechnology represent […]

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