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Our founding editor J. Daryl Thompson is a self-proclaimed stock trading addict who started his investment career by working for a legendary Houston billionaire investment counselor for 15 years. Early in his professional career, Daryl designed systems for the analysis, testing and presentation of data.

Originally a country boy from the Deep South with an unusual gift for numbers, Daryl received his degree in Mathematics from the University of Oklahoma.

He eats, lives, sleeps and breathes trading stocks. But not just for the sake of trading, he does it for the profits he finds and the lifestyle it affords him.

Daryl got hooked on the stock market after reading William J. O’Neil’s fantastic book “How to Make Money in Stocks” back in 1990, and attending some of his original seminars back in 1990 when he himself and U.S. Champion Investor David Ryan were holding them.

Using what he learned, Daryl scored several big wins, and some paid for his villa on the island of Contadora, Panama. And he’s not done yet.

Do you understand now why he’s a “stock trading addict”?

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