About Us

The TradingYourOwnWay team scours all corners of the trading world to hand pick videos that are TRULY actionable no matter what you trade or how you trade. Our goal is simple: provide well educated self directed traders to the material that will truly further their trading success.

Our Company

Officially established in 2014, TradingYourOwnWay was founded by trading education insiders with the strong desire to shed light on the corners of the internet that house the greatest treasure of trading knowledge…FOR FREE! Everything we do, everything we write, everything we share we do so with customer satisfaction in mind.

Our Mission

At TradingYourOwnWay, our mission is to provide every reader FREE access to the trading videos and information that can change their trading lives and careers forever. We charge no fees, nor will we ever, for our services because we believe in this day and age, every trader deserves filtered access to the trading knowledge to help change their own lives.

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