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Carnival Looks To Be Permanently Impaired

The cruise line stocks have been volatile since the pandemic hit, to say the least. The group has been grappling with unprecedented levels of uncertainty, because the point when they’ll be able to generate meaningful revenue again hasn’t yet been decided, and perhaps worse, it is completely out of their control. I have had mixed feelings on the […]

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A Classic Bubble Is Starting To Deflate

Earlier in 2018, Jeremy Grantham laid out a path for a classic bubble in the S&P 500 Index (SP500) which he actually walked back upon in a CNBC interview in the spring of 2019. We have actually followed the path of that classic bubble scenario, only with a delay, and the bubble appears to be near […]

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7 Monthly Dividend Stocks To Buy Now For Safe Payouts

The stock market can be broadly separated into two groups — dividend stocks and non-dividend stocks. Among stocks that pay dividends to shareholders, most do so on a quarterly basis. But there are other directions a company can take with its capital return policy. Some companies decide to pay a dividend once per year, while […]

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10 Growth Stocks That Crashed Despite Strong Earnings

Suddenly, valuation concerns have returned to a market that less two weeks ago was roaring to new all-time highs. That’s bad news for growth stocks. The tech-heavy NASDAQ Composite has declined an even 10% over the past six trading days. The index’s most dearly-valued stocks generally have fared even worse. The selling appears driven by valuation. After all, there’s […]

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3 Dead-Cat Bounce Stocks to Sell

Thursday’s rollover squashed the market rebound. Chart watchers are warning of a dead-cat bounce and I’m inclined to heed their warnings. If this is the beginning of another leg lower, it’s time to abandon ship on some of the weaker names in the market. Today I’m calling out three of the top dead-cat bounce stocks […]

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First Mover: Buying Bitcoin’s Dip, Betting Against Tether and Weighing the Jobs Report

Price PointBitcoin (BTC) was up in early trading to $10,500, rebounding after Thursday’s 11% tumble, the biggest single-day decline since March.  The sell-off, which took prices as low as about $10,000, coincided with a rout in U.S. stocks, rekindling long-simmering discussions over whether the largest cryptocurrency was a safe haven like gold or merely another risky […]

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Value’s Lifeblood Is Performance Chasers

While listening to Rob Arnott on a recent Morningstar podcast, I became enamored with something that Arnott was emphatic about. He pointed out that the structural advantage of being a contrarian isn’t being smarter. Every winning purchase in the stock market comes as an opportunity cost to the seller. In aggregate, the non-passive portion of […]

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Are Insiders Selling Comcast Corporation (NASDAQ:CMCS.A) Stock?

We’ve lost count of how many times insiders have accumulated shares in a company that goes on to improve markedly. On the other hand, we’d be remiss not to mention that insider sales have been known to precede tough periods for a business. So shareholders might well want to know whether insiders have been buying […]

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DraftKings Stock Is Primed For A Big Bullish Break

This week’s rally carried DraftKings (NASDAQ:DKNG) stock directly into overhead resistance, creating a compelling breakout trade. Today we’ll analyze the charts and offering two ways for traders to capitalize using options.DraftKings is fast approaching the four-month mark of its life as a public company. It has two earnings announcements under its belt and sits approximately 100% […]

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Nvidia Shares Are Prohibitively Expensive And Cannot Grow Into Their Massive Overvaluation

IntroductionIn three recent articles, I discussed how the broader U.S. stock market, specifically the S&P 500 Index, as measured by the SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY) is in a classic bubble, then I explained how a traditional 60/40 portfolio is destined to fail because of today’s starting valuations, and then I showed a specific example, […]

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