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FX Week Ahead: Jackson Hole, And A Chance For Yellen To Fend Off Some USD Bashing
By Shant Movsesian and Rajan Dhall MSTA Coming off a mixed week for the USD, traders focus their attention on[...]
Surprise! Sharp Racial Divide Found Over Robert E. Lee Statue
News headlines in the United States have been dominated by the fallout from the Charlottesville protests throughout the last week. YouGov have polled Americans[...]
10 Missing, 5 Injured After USS John S. McCain Collides With Oil Tanker Near Straits Of Malacca
Update: according to the latest US Navy 7th Fleet update, ten sailors are missing and five have been injured after[...]
The Future Of The Third World
Authored by Jayant Bhandari via, Decolonization The British Empire was the largest in history. At the end of World[...]
"The Taps Are Gushing" Hong Kong ATM Withdrawals Surge As Facial Recognition Fears Spread
Amid a crackdown on unauthorized mainland currency outflows by forcing ATM users to undertake facial recognition before cash is dispensed[...]
Grab A Beer Philadelphia, The Soda Is Too Damn Expensive
Via, What happened: Turns out when soda cost the same as beer, people choose to drink beer. That is[...]
Eclipse Warning: "1000s Of People Will Damage or Entirely Lose Their Eyesight Tomorrow"
Authored by Mac Slavo via, With a rare solar eclipse approaching and millions of people flocking to locations around[...]
Ann Coulter Rips into Trump For Bannon Firing, Favoring 'Fake News Media' Over Conservative
Content originally published at Ann Coulter, the conservative firebrand who predicted Trump would win, much to the cackling laughter[...]