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Will These Be 3 Penny Stocks To Buy Or Sell In 2019’s Second Half?

Penny stocks have the potential to generate enormous returns for investors. Why? Well, the stocks are cheap and even a small rise in price can prove to be substantial. However, that is easier said than done most times. Things like Fear Of Missing Out – “FOMO” – can easily play a role in making bad decisions. An investor needs to conduct a lot of research in order to find the right penny stock to buy.

Moreover, the research also entails keeping a close eye on the market. Watch all the latest moves from many penny stocks. Through diligent research, it’s possible to make money with penny stocks. Also, keep in mind that some penny stocks can move simply on speculation. We’ve seen plenty of these situations where, for instance, pot penny stocks skyrocket without any penny stock news published. The rallies can last for days or just a few minutes.

That’s why the whole thing about “FOMO” shouldn’t play a role in your trading strategy. Stay focused on your actual strategy and outline metrics you find important before you decide to buy penny stocks. On that note, here is a look at three penny stocks that may find themselves on a few watchlists this month.

Will Gevo (GEVO) Become A Top Penny Stock for 2019 Following Latest News

In a world that is increasingly concerned about carbon emissions, Gevo Inc (GEVO – FREE Report) is definitely an interesting company. Recently, GEVO stock has made interesting moves. In a new development, the company posted some positive penny stock news on Wednesday. The Phase 1 trial of its renewable isobutanol blended gasoline in vehicles in Seattle proved successful.

The fuel managed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions significantly from the test vehicles. After the announcement was made, it created a lot of enthusiasm for Gevo stock. Prices jumped by as much as 8.5% and continued into the Thursday session. Additionally, since August 5, GEVO has moved by as much as 16.4% at highs of $2.62.

Will Dean Foods (DF) Become A Penny Stock To Buy Now?

Milk and dairy products provider Dean Foods Co (DF – FREE Report) has been in all sorts of trouble for some time now. This resulted from declining demand for milk among other things. In its latest quarter, the company announced even bigger losses than what had been estimated. Of course, they blamed ‘accelerated decline’ in sales for the situation.

Soon enough, the stock plunged. But it was really bad for the penny stock. Dean Foods stock dropped by as much as 37% Tuesday as the market panicked. However, the stock may be starting to rebound. Following those lows of $1.05 earlier this week, the food stock has recovered by as much as 29.5%. Could this indicate that investors have no completely given up yet? We’ll see what happens next. But keep in mind, DF has a history of under-delivering.

One Of The Penny Stocks To Watch In 2019: TherapeuticsMD (TXMD)

The last on this list of penny stocks enjoyed an excellent run on Wednesday. It was biopharmaceutical company TherapeuticsMD Inc (TXMD – FREE Report). The company’s involved in the production of health products meant for women.

Coming in with more penny stock news, TherapeuticsMD announced its Q2 2019 results this week. In a pleasant surprise for investors, it managed to beat its own projections. Back in June, the company issued a profit warning and projected revenues would range from $4.5 to $5.5 million.

However, TherapeuticsMD ended up generating $6.1 million in revenues and stock soon soared by as much as 20%. Signs already show that it may be in for a continuation trend at least on Thursday morning. TXMD stock has already shown a gap up at the opening bell. Have you added it to your penny stocks watch list?

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