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Trading  | May 1, 2018

A former associate of rapper Snoop Dogg has put out a nationwide “Crip alert” for Kanye West on social media, calling on “all the Crips out there” to “Fu*k Kanye up” over West’s support of Donald Trump and black conservative Candace Owens. 

Yo national alert, all the Crips out there, y’all f— Kanye up,” reads an Instagram post by Delmar Drew Arnaud, aka Daz Dillinger of the “The Dogg Pound,” as reported by a Los Angeles CBS affiliate before it was removed. 

“Better not ever see you in concert,” added Arnaud. “Better not ever see you around the LBC [Long Beach]. Better not ever see you around California. Stay in Calabasas, ya hear me? ‘Cuz we got a Crip alert for Kanye. You don’t speak on Crip gods, n—. We the Crips gods, n—. You know what I’m saying? … All the Crips out there, you see that n—, bang on his a— . F— his a— up.”

Arnaud also tweeted a link to his Instagram video.

In reaction to the video, rapper 50 cent wrote on Instagram “Crips Vs Kardashian’s – get the strap.”

West shocked fans on April 21 when he tweeted his support for Candace Owens, a black conservative and director of urban engagement for Turning Point USA – who feels that black Americans are “slaves on the Democratic Party plantation.” 

Over the next few days, Kanye came out of the closet over his views, tweeting to fans that the “mob can’t make me not love him,” referring to Trump. “He is my brother. I love everyone,” adding “I don’t agree with everything anyone does. That’s what makes us individuals. And we have the right to independent thought.” 

A little later, Kanye tweeted a picture of himself in a red MAGA hat, posing with two men, one of whom is YouTube global head of music Lyor Cohen who is flashing an “OK” sign. A YouTube rep told SPIN magazine that “The hand gesture made by Lyor Cohen is representative of the company he founded, 300 Entertainment and absolutely nothing more.” 

President Trump gave Kanye a virtual fist-bump in response: 

Five minutes later, Kanye tweeted a signed MAGA hat: 

Then, at 5:29, two hours later, political advisor Ali Alexander suggested that Kanye’s friend and fellow-Chicago entertainer, Chance the Rapper, support Kanye… which Chance did 20 minutes later, tweeting “Black people don’t have to be democrats. 

Shortly after Chance’s support, Kanye tweeted that “Obama was in office 8 years and nothing in Chicago changed.” 

Trump, meanwhile, sent the ATF to Chicago on June 2017 to help with police operations. The Chicago murder rate has dropped sharply since the 2016 election. Homicides were down 16% in 2017 vs 2016, while the Year-to-date figure as of April 30, 2018 stands at 153 homicides vs. 192 in 2017, a 20% decrease. 

Over the last few days, Kanye has been “schooled” by entertainers John Legend.

Earlier this week the two music icons let politics get in between their friendship when the “Gold Digger” rapper tweeted praise for President Donald Trump. He then posted text messages from Legend who said, ““You’re way too influential to endorse who he is and what he stands for…So many people who love you feel so betrayed right now because they know the harm that Trump’s policies cause, especially to people of color. Don’t let this be part of your legacy.”

West then accused Legend of “manipulating” his thoughts.

“I love you John and I appreciate your thoughts. You bringing up my fans or my legacy is a tactic based on fear used to manipulate my free thought,” he wrote in the private conversation that was blasted on social media. –Page Six

Legend and West have since made up, with Kanye tweeting a selfie accompanied by the text “We got love. Agree to disagree.” 

Kanye and Legend, and “Charlamagne Tha God” have most recently been going back and forth with others over whether or not Democrats and Republicans switched platforms in the 1960s, prompting Twitter users to chime in with 

And while Kanye absorbs both sides of a history lesson, he must now contend with a nationwide Crip alert. 

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