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I do not mean to be flippant when dismissing the never-ending barrage of anonymous sources inside the CIA who leak to the Washington Post. I’m sure there are good agents who are protecting American from foreign meddlers. But the optics of these leaks is terrible. Truth is, I sometimes think they’re doing this to make the main stream media look even worse — to lend an air of bias to the reporting rooms to dissuade Americans from trusting them. After all, Washpo, MSNBC, CNN and the NY Times are in the business of appealing to all people, not just the one’s who agree with them. Do they realize the irreversible damage they’re inflicting upon their organizations by publishing suspicious anonymous leaks designed to take down a democratically elected President.

If Russia truly wanted to hurt America, they could not do more than what the main stream media is doing now, peddling stories that are infuriating half the country.

Washington Post is reporting today that Vladimir Putin himself directed his agents to help elect Donald Trump.

Early last August, an envelope with extraordinary handling restrictions arrived at the White House. Sent by courier from the CIA, it carried “eyes only” instructions that its contents be shown to just four people: President Barack Obama and three senior aides.

The White House debated various options to punish Russia, but facing obstacles and potential risks, it ultimately failed to exact a heavy toll on the Kremlin for its election interference.

Inside was an intelligence bombshell, a report drawn from sourcing deep inside the Russian government that detailed Russian President Vladi­mir Putin’s direct involvement in a cyber campaign to disrupt and discredit the U.S. presidential race.

But it went further. The intelligence captured Putin’s specific instructions on the operation’s audacious objectives — defeat or at least damage the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, and help elect her opponent, Donald Trump.

At that point, the outlines of the Russian assault on the U.S. election were increasingly apparent. Hackers with ties to Russian intelligence services had been rummaging through Democratic Party computer networks, as well as some Republican systems, for more than a year. In July, the FBI had opened an investigation of contacts between Russian officials and Trump associates. And on July 22, nearly 20,000 emails stolen from the Democratic National Committee were dumped online by WikiLeaks.

I find it interesting how there’s no mention of John Podesta’s emails in this report. After all, that’s what we’re talking about, right? The DNC leaks came during the primaries and were a minor blip in the Wikileaks/DNC election narrative. The crux of the Russian hacking charges begins and ends with the embarrassing collusion revealed in the Podesta emails — tying the main stream media to Clinton.

One of the reporters of the Washpo article, Greg Miller, called the Russian hack ‘the crime of the century.’ I suppose he is implying the theft of the Presidency from Hillary Clinton. They cannot get over it.

If President Obama knew that Putin himself was hacking John Podeasta’s email box and passing the info to Wikileaks, who has flatly denied the notion that Russia was their source, why didn’t he do anything about it? Is it possible that they thought Hillary was going to win and they didn’t want to rock the boat, causing Wikileaks to reveal even more damaging and embarssing emails?

That’s exactly what the Washpo reporter says in the clip below — but he doesn’t realize he said it.

Washpo also revealed that Obama planted ‘digital bombs’ in Russian infrastructure, to be used at the behest of Trump. If true, why is the Washington Post publishing this information? This goes against our national security interests and tips off the Russians to what we’re doing behind the scenes.

Obama also approved a previously undisclosed covert measure that authorized planting cyber weapons in Russia’s infrastructure, the digital equivalent of bombs that could be detonated if the United States found itself in an escalating exchange with Moscow. The project, which Obama approved in a covert-action finding, was still in its planning stages when Obama left office. It would be up to President Trump to decide whether to use the capability.

Just in case you’re wondering why the media keeps obsessing over Russian hacking claims that have yet to be backed up by a shred of evidence, Greg Miller from Washpo will blue pill you on it. You’re feeling vulnerable and unsure about our sacred democracy.

We cannot let the Russians get away with this. Putin himself is a devil and wanted to see the first legit female candidate for President of the United States defeated, because he’s obviously mansplaining himself to the world and not tolerant of women’s rights.

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