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Trump's Tumultuous First 12 Months As President (In One Stunning Chart)

The Google News Lab looked at the search trends for some of the biggest news events of Trump’s presidency from Jan. 20 through Dec. 20.

As is clear from the chart below, while Trump’s presidency has been action-packed, the public’s attention span doesn’t seem to last for long…




As Axios notes, the visible spikes of increased Googling on a topic indicate that Trump-related news captures the public’s interest, but that attention quickly fizzles out or is captured by the next bombshell report or firing.

Only a few issues have more steady interest over time.

The most searched for topics of the list:

1. The Virginia election on Nov. 8

2. Trump and the NFL on Sept. 24

3. Trump and the NFL on Sept. 25

4. George Papadopoulos on Oct. 30

5. Affordable Care Act repeal on May 4


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