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Trading  | September 13, 2018

Is this the beginning of a feud between two of the most powerful men in America?

It’s definitely looking that way. Despite JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon issuing a very public apology after gloating on Wednesday that he could beat Trump in an election (if he felt like running, that is), Trump has hit back at a man who was once rumored to be a top candidate for Treasury Secretary, claiming in an unusually passive aggressive tweet that Dimon doesn’t have the brainpower to run the US.

“The problem with banker Jamie Dimon running for president is he doesn’t have the aptitude or the smarts and is a poor public speaker and nervous mess” Trump said. “otherwise he is wonderful.”

On Wednesday, Dimon told a small New York audience that he thinks he could beat Donald Trump in an election, claiming that “I think I could beat Trump… because I’m as tough as he is, I’m smarter than he is,” adding “I can’t beat the liberal side of the Democratic party.”

The CEO added that “and by the way this wealthy New Yorker actually earned his money… It wasn’t a gift from Daddy” (this, despite the fact that Dimon’s father was a well-respected banker who absolutely helped his son find an early footing in the industry).

In the past, Dimon has said that, while he would love to run the country, he could never win an election. And judging by all the resentments that have been stirred up by all the 10-year-anniversary coverage of the Lehman bankruptcy, that assessment was probably correct.

A revolutionary initiative is helping average Americans find quick and lasting stock market success.

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