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Here’s How Market Volatility CAN be Beneficial for you!

Winning Over Market Volatility Using These Tools.

Take the Driver’s Seat during Market Volatility to Win Trades and YOUR Success.

What does The Dakar Rally have to do with Market Volatility and Winning Trades?


Are you a trader who’s experienced the bad side of volatility?

Do you feel like you’re RIGHT around the corner from success?

Does it feel like SUCCESS is waiting for you RIGHT around the corner?

Here’s some advice to restrain hikes in your cortisol by working to lower stress.

Would you like to use volatility to your ADVANTAGE without the stress?

If so…please read on as I have some GREAT news for you!

READ on … GREAT news … you CAN use volatility to your advantage!
As you know Established Fact: Volatility is through the roof so far in 2016!

And with the presidential election right around the corner, it’s ramping up … MORE volatile …

It is going to either make fortunes or failures out of thousands of traders out there.

Clinton vs Trump seems pretty sure. But, with either, we’re really not sure WHAT the market overall will do…Will Hillary keep the status quo going? Will Donald shake things up so badly that people compare the US economy to Zimbabwe??

We simply DO NOT KNOW!

But before you know what TO DO… you have to know what challenges successful traders deal with…and FAIL at:

Challenge 1. Win Back That Trade!

We are human beings…we therefore frequently make mistakes. The BIGGEST one is when a trade goes bad because of a massive market swing, we tend to try to ‘win back that trade’…

an autonomic nervous system response –

It’s impossible 🙁

Once volatility has started and moved against your trade, there’s no making it better.

Trends are HUGE and quickly ridden when markets make major moves, and when it’s against you, it’s over.

The CORRECT move would be to have never gotten into that position in the first place by utilizing better market research for a quality list of tradable options. But if that ship has sailed… the horse/cow is out of the barn, the chicken has flown the coop…etc. It’s a matter of cutting losses, which again goes against our human nature to quit and start over. We want to rescue a trade from the brink to win…WRONG!      As an aside (this is similar to never stopping to ask for directions because the place you’re going is just around the corner….   😉 )

Challenge 2: Getting IN…But Not OUT!

The CBOE recently shared data that shows 30% of options expire WORTHLESS! 60% are traded out, and 10% are exercised…but 30% of trades are just driven into the dirt…along with the accountholder’s bank account!

If you can get INTO a trade, you’d better be able to get OUT.

The challenge is that it goes against human nature to remain calm, cool, and collected as a trade goes the wrong direction for us. But by Having a plan and knowing WHAT to trade makes ALL the difference especially when the market can turn on a dime…and take all our benjamins 😉

Challenge #3: Trusting OLD Sources

Options trading is flexible. You can make money in all kinds of market conditions. But, only if you’re open to using new strategies to match the state of the market.

Groups or people who were once ‘hot’ often lose their edge because they are not able to realize NEW opportunities or methods that differ from what worked for them. Buying spreads, for example, is one great strategy that works in many different markets. Though their upside is limited, spreads can help minimize losses and neutralize the effect of time decay.

So don’t settle down and trust one guy or group FOREVER…instead, make the effort to learn which strategies apply to which markets, be open to others’ knowledge, and TEST TEST TEST!

How to Benefit from Market Volatility.

Seeing a list challenges that has thwarted successful traders can seem depressing…’if they can lose big, how much more can I lose?!’

Options trading success during a volatile market is WITHIN YOUR REACH SO DO NOT FEAR!

At the beginning of this article we said there was good news, and here it is:

There’s a way to take beat all the above challenges AND take FULL advantage of market volatility and have trades that can earn 50%, or 100% or more by simply getting our 2016 Options Trading HOT LIST (CALL TO ACTION)

Having a tradable ‘hot list’ is what a LOT of major brokers rely on for their professional traders…but those lists are often stacked in the favor of the BROKERS.

Not this list…it’s written and optimized for the INDIVIDUAL TRADER.

The Trading Team has a combined 40 years of trading wisdom. It’s an evolutionary reservoir of knowledge that’s ALWAYS integrating the latest insights and strategies, especially when dealing with the ‘new electronic’ market that we’re all dealing with. that we now must all address.

Their focus is on the retail trader’s success…NOT the bank’s.

That’s why NetPicks created this EXCLUSIVE 2016 HOT LIST PLUS training to ensure you know what to trade, and how to AVOID the challenges that often ruin other traders.
We’d like to offer you our free Options Fast Hot List for 2016.
Plus, we include step-by-step training to show you how you can trade stocks and ETFs such as:

S&P500 SPY
ETFs…and more!

Grab our no charge Options Fast Track right here.

You’ll get immediate access, instant download and online training.

2016 is off to a hot start. Don’t miss this opportunity.

We’re making your Hot List & Video step-by-step training available just for the next few days. Grab it here with no cost or obligations…

good and bad volatility –

Here’s a Netpicks youtube – Using Volatility in Options Trading and ETF Swing Trading   it’s old – July 2013  – but may provide some orientation – more                           

A revolutionary initiative is helping average Americans find quick and lasting stock market success.

275% in one week on XLF - an index fund for the financial sector. Even 583%, in 7 days on XHB… an ETF of homebuilding companies in the S&P 500. 

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