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Suze Orman Is A Stock Picker — And This Is Her Biggest Trading Regret

Suze Orman has spent much of her career in the media spotlight touting a mostly conservative approach toward wealth accumulation. Work hard, invest, retire. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t roll the dice with her own approach.

While Orman, who recently joined up with online platform and mobile app Mogul and will be the keynote speaker at the Mogul X conference in New York in September, generally doesn’t school her target audience on the ins and outs of trading individual stocks — a consistent investment into index funds makes more sense for most people — she’s certainly developed a strong taste for the shifting moods of the market since her days as a stockbroker.

“Oh my god, I have over 100 stocks and not a day goes by where I don’t talk about them with the man who watches over my money,” she recently explained to MarketWatch, adding that she breaks all her investments into several different portfolios — blockchain, cannabis, municipal bonds, preferred stocks, etc.

Yes, Suze Orman is a cannabis bull.

But tech’s the sector she has focused on the most recently. In fact, she’s just coming off a profitable flip of Zoom Media, a stock she bought at $68 and sold at $102. “I watch for these moves constantly,” Orman said.

Facebook is one of her notable gainers. She said she waited until the IPO broke and then jumped in for the ride. She has been busy trading the FANGs, having loaded up on Netflix and Apple as well. Many of these stocks she isn’t flipping or playing for a quick profit: “I usually buy high and then buy higher. I love playing momentum stocks.”

She says Wix was a “very big winner” for her, as were both Palo Alto Networks and Shopify.

Tesla is another stock Orman says she rode to profits early, but, one fateful podcast later and her affection for the company and the executive leading it came to an abrupt end. “When he [CEO Elon Musk] went on TV and smoked pot and whatever, I got out,” she said of the infamous Joe Rogan interview. “Just not interested after that.”

She continued blurting out name after name — focusing on the winners, of course — including foreign stocks such as MakeMyTrip, Mercadolibre, and Baozun.

Amazon was apparently her biggest regret. She reportedly bought $5,000 worth in 1997, and flipped it for about four times the price. Years later, that stake would be worth millions.

But Orman doesn’t get too bogged down on her P&L, and she explains that she’s hesitant to talk up her book publicly.

Her fascination with the market and penchant for active trading, which also includes navigating the options pits — “I’m a big, covered-call-writing girl” — is one of many things she tends to separate from her public persona.

“There’s far more to Suze Orman than I think most people have any idea,” she said.

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