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Trading  | January 23, 2018

The billionaire owners of the NFL empire have just been handed the latest indication that their beloved league is in decline – a process that has only been accelerated by the recent politicization of sports.

Whereas tickets for Super Bowl LII were expected to be the most expensive in the history of the game, the Asbury Park Press pointed out Tuesday that football fans who want to watch the Philadelphia Eagles try to win their first Super Bowl since 1960 are in luck: Ticket prices fell $1,200 between Monday and Tuesday, and have continued to slide. However, a set of tickets still isn’t cheap: A set of upper deck tickets can be purchased for $3,450. The same set was priced at $4,650 late Monday afternoon.

The reality is that most fans won’t be lucky enough to get tickets at face value from the team, with the NFL allotting 17.5% of seats in US Bank Stadium to the two teams involved to be slit between the Eagles and the Patriots.

Indeed, prices are softening across the price spectrum. First-row tickets that would have cost more than $20,000 on Monday. They can be had today for around $15,000 now.



According to information provided by StubHub on Monday, the average price among the approximately 1,600 tickets they have listed for the game is $6,122, but the market is clearly shifting after the initial surge in prices. In addition, there was a 567-percent increase in purchases from Pennsylvania residents on Monday since Friday, and a 394-percent increase in purchases from New Jersey.

These declines are happening across secondary vendors – it’s not limited to Stubhub. On, the lowest priced ticket is now $3,412 in the upper deck, down from $4,485 on Monday, when the median list price is $6,494. The most expensive seat has fallen to $30,533, down from $41,400 at day earlier.

Though one set of tickets has experienced a notable appreciation: A 20-person suite that was listed on VividSeats is now $488,275 – up from $405,955 on Monday.

Ticket prices tend to fluctuate as the game approaches, and the highest prices will fall to more reasonable levels. But what’s unclear is just how far prices will fall, and when.

One reporter speculated that the Viking’s loss is fueling the drop. Since the game is being held in Minneapolis, many Vikings fans are now desperate to sell their tickets…



According to the ticket reseller SeatGeek, where the average ticket was $5,435 on Monday, the final average ticket price for last year’s Super Bowl, when the Patriots played the Atlanta Falcons, was $4,487, while final ticket prices for each of the last three Super Bowls was above $4,000.

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