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Nothing makes me dig in my heels like dishonesty. I don’t care how good a cause is. If someone is lying to get support, they don’t deserve it. They end up doing more damage to their cause with their dishonest tactics.

Here’s the thing, I love the environment. Spending an afternoon kayaking or a weekend hiking are some of my favorite activities. I don’t want to breathe in smog, and I want to be able to swim in the rivers. I love animals too. I don’t want their environment to be destroyed, and I don’t want them to choke on trash.

It seems like I’d be a prime candidate to support environmental causes. And I will never support the climate change agenda of the United Nations, the United States, or any other government. They are liars. And because of their dishonesty, they have done more to damage than help their cause.

The environmentalists surely have varied goals. Many truly care about the environment and buy the propaganda about how bad humans are for the Earth. Others probably suspect that humans haven’t done as much damage as the media makes out. But they still think that using scare tactics–lying–will hasten the change to cleaner lifestyles.

And then there are the people who exploit both of these groups for power. They could not care less about the environment. They use these climate change activists to gain power. There is a reason electricity is called power. The ultra-rich and elite rulers have always been able to live a top-notch life on the spoils of the poor. But fossil fuels started to equalize society.

Doomsday environmentalists’ fictional armageddon predictions stand in stark contrast to the real world truth that fossil fuels have lifted the vast majority of the world out of crushing poverty. This is another dishonest tactic. They refuse to admit or discuss the great advantages “pollutants” have given to humanity. The elite see their fellow humans as a disease. Fossil fuels “bred” that “disease” by bringing freedom and prosperity to the masses.

The truth of the UN and government’s plan for climate action is that benefit to the environment means detriment for the people.

But two things could easily get someone like me to support clean environment initiatives. One, if they were honest about the real impact and cause. Two, if the solutions were voluntarily, and did not force people to do some things or not do other things.

Cliche, but you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Being militant and dishonest only hardens resolve against the cause. And finding solutions to clean up the environment without hurting people and casting the world back into poverty and slavery is quite possible.

But the real solutions have been obscured by certain maniacal environmentalists. They should offer better products based on clean energy. Instead, they try to force people to go without fossil fuel products. They make heat, electricity, and travel prohibitively expensive with regulations and taxes, and say that is a solution. They ignore the human element.

And what exactly are people to think about climate change? The dates of the direst predictions have come and gone. At this point, I’m about as likely to believe a street preacher’s doomsday predictions as Al Gore’s estimates on sea levels. There have been a number of UN “final moments” to do something about climate change.

To be fair, some of these predictions claimed merely these dates were cut-offs before the damage was irreversible. So I guess there’s no point in abandoning fossil fuels now if the damage is done! Time to break out the champagne and drink to the apocalypse.

And yet, there is certainly plenty of good to be done for the environment. I’m sure there is too much pollution. I’m sure many people and animals would benefit from a cleaner environment. And I’m immediately drawn away from any environmental groups or causes because of how the movement has been tainted by liars and exploiters.

And it is the same with drugs. It has been just about 80 years since the release of propaganda film Reefer Madness. In it, teens become addicted to marijuana and someone ends up being murdered. But the truth of the drug war is far more tragic. Marijuana is responsible for 0 direct deaths ever, and probably fewer indirect deaths than alcohol. But the drug war has claimed the lives of countless police, drug dealers, low-level users, and innocent bystanders caught up in the paranoia.

And what happens when people realize that marijuana isn’t so bad? They start wondering what other drugs they have been lied to about. Maybe heroin isn’t so bad after all? But the problem is: it is! How do you raise awareness about a real danger when you have been lying about a fake danger for so many years?

Likewise, there is an entire segment of the population primed to ignore any concern about the environment.

See where dishonesty has gotten us? Further from any real solutions to real problems. If you have a cause you truly care about, be honest about it.

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