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Trading  | March 30, 2018

In what the Defense Ministry of Russia has dubbed “command and staff exercises,” three missile armies of Russia’s Strategic Missile Force – comprising of more than 10,000 troops have been ordered to go on the “highest combat alert,” amid an unprecedented political assault via the United States and the European Union to expel countless Russian diplomats.

On Tuesday, the Defense Ministry of Russia announced: 

Military units and missile units will be checked for all components of combat readiness, alert duty, moral and psychological state of personnel, counteracting terrorism, and control exercises will be conducted on combat training subjects.

In March 2018, command-and-staff exercises (KSU) are conducted in the formations of the Vladimir, Orenburg and Omsk missile armies. During the exercises, the units and units to be checked (rocket regiments, technical missile bases, support and protection units (battalions of combat and logistical support, security and reconnaissance) will work out measures to bring to the highest levels of combat readiness, to solve the problems of withdrawal to combat patrolling routes missile regiments, work out joint tasks of engineering support, radiation, chemical and biological protection.

According to TASS Russian News Agency, about “10,000 troops and 1,000 pieces of combat hardware” will be involved in the exercises. TASS notes, the drill is being conducted at the end of the “winter training period,” which could indicate Russia is preparing for springtime conflict…

“The purpose of the exercise is to assess the coherence of the units and divisions of command and control, the practical actions and skills of the command and military personnel in the preparation and execution of measures to bring combat readiness, and the development of standards in any conditions and time of day,” the statement added.

On Wednesday, the Russian Ministry of Defense described one of the “large-scale exercises” currently underway in the Sverdlovsk Region:

“For the first time, large-scale exercises of the Strategic Missile Forces will use more than 10 newest models of weapons and military equipment that will demonstrate their capabilities.

More than 3,000 servicemen and 300 weapons and military equipment are involved in the exercise.

In the course of this, the divisions of the missile division will be brought to the highest levels of combat readiness, the PGRK “Yars” will go on the routes of combat patrolling, for detection and destruction of the explosive devices on the route of the column, the newest machines of remote de-mining “Leaf”, modern stations “ARS-14KM “Will create artificial clouds (artificial veil) to cover the units, the combat calculations of the complexes after the march will deploy independent launchers in the field positions and organize combat duty. Also, the rocket launchers will work out the issues of camouflage of mobile ground-based missile systems using engineering support vehicles and MIOM camouflage, calculations of Typhoon-M combat anti-sabotage vehicles will ensure the protection and defense of missile systems.”

The announcement of the Russian missile drill comes days after at least 23 countries have expelled over 130 Russian diplomats over the nerve agent attack in the United Kingdom.

On Wednesday, we reported that Russia warned the West the risks of a “hot war,” after a Western anti-Russian campaign surged to the point of no return. Here is what was said:

Lyudmila Vorobieva, Russia’s ambassador to Indonesia, said the situation was “absolutely absurd.”Except that, rather than a “Cold War”, Vorobieva said the confrontation could lead to an “ice war” – apparently referring to a full-scale military conflict between Russia and the West.

“What is worse than an ice war. It’s a hot war.”

She added that a conflict of that magnitude would be “fatal for our planet” given the stockpiles of nuclear weapons held by both sides. “Do we want that? Well, I can tell you from Russia’s side definitely we don’t want that because if we take into account the number of nuclear weapons accumulated by the country – this kind of development would be fatal for our planet.”

Already, the New Cold War between Washington and Moscow is more dangerous than the last – and the Western political-elite/media seem not to care. As the West reprimands Russia for the nerve agent attack in the United Kingdom with zero evidence released to the public for examination; we must recognize that the Western political-elite/media pose a severe threat for humanity, as their dreams of nuclear war with Russia could soon become a reality.

And add to this that President Trump has reportedly challenged Putin to a new arms race.

The world is preparing for war, are you?

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