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Trading  | December 18, 2017

A 31-year-old former beauty queen is suing her married ex-beau, claiming the hedge fund manager gave her an STD and renegged on promises to leave his wife and buy his much-younger mistress a Ugandan ostrich farm.

It’s hardly a surprise that a messy high-profile divorce with this many lewd details has garnered extensive coverage from the world’s tabloids, including the New York Post and the Daily Mail.

The plaintiff, former Miss Germany International Aline Marie Massel, 31, revealed the alleged seamy details of her two-year illicit relationship with Autonomy Capital CEO Robert Charles Gibbins in new court documents.

According to her lawsuit, Massel first met Gibbins at Le Bilboquet French bistro in New York City back in June 2014.

Aline Marie Massel

During their first encounter, she claims that Gibbins, 47, told her that he was unmarried and wooed her with promises to buy her the farm mentioned above.

“He promised to buy a large estate for them in Canada called the Royal Antler… and an ostrich farm in Uganda,” according to court papers.

Gibbins showered his mistress with gifts during the two-year affair, including a Faberge purse, while taking her for Japanese massages in Midtown Manhattan and flying to the World Cup in Brazil, her suit says.

Massel discovered Gibbins was married a few weeks after they got together when Gibbins’s wife texted her a taunting message: “You are not the first and will not be the last.”

Massel with Robert Charles Gibbins

However, Massel, who now works as a Tesla model, says her new partner promised that he would leave his wife.

In one of the story’s most bizarre details, Massel said that she caught the STD HPV from Gibbins, who insisted on not wearing a condom when the two had sex. According to the suit, Massel says Gibbins never told her he was infected with the virus.

Massel “felt deceived and upset with [Gibbins] as he had been her only intimate partner since her last health screening and he did not disclose his sexually transmitted disease to her,” the suit said.

The pair continued to date after Massel learned of her infection. The hedge funder paid for her lavish Manhattan apartment, and would take her on expensive international trips. When she became pregnant, her lover threatened to cut off financial support unless she had an abortion.

Gibbins’s lawyer also warned Massel about “how difficult it would be to raise a child alone,” while Gibbins’ wife also got involved, according to the suit, allegedly texting: “Have the baby if you want it so much. I cannot wait to see you getting fat and ugly.”

Massel believes that Gibbins then hired a private detective to follow her until she had the abortion. She also believes Gibbins was worried she’d blab about his attempt to purchase a Ukrainian bank that was a “notorious location for money laundering.”

A representative for Gibbins told the New York Post: ‘These baseless allegations are without merit, and Mr. Gibbins will defend himself vigorously.’

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