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Kamala Harris Calls For Congressional Investigation Of "White Supremacist Terrorism"

Kamala Harris, the California senator and rumored 2020 candidate for the White House, is now apparently working with the Senate Homeland Security Committee to demand an immediate investigation on the “root causes” of “violent white supremacy” in the United States following the recent tragedy in Charlottesville.  


Meanwhile, she also started an online petition to collect signatures for hearings on what she dubs “white supremacist terrorism.”

“Demand Senate hearings on white supremacist terrorism”


“The federal government has a responsibility to address the rise of white supremacist violence and ensure that all our citizens are safe from domestic terrorism.


“Add your name to demand Republicans schedule hearings on violent white supremacy and other forms of hateful domestic extremism”



Of course, this is all part of the Left’s new propaganda initiative designed specifically to convince you that the “extreme right” (which we assume is now synonymous with ‘white supremacist’) is “the number one domestic terror threat in the U.S.”  In fact, here is nearly identical language from CNN’s Chris Cuomo used just last week (it’s almost as if the media coordinates with Democrats on the language and branding efforts):

“If you take anarchists at their worst, do you have malefactor? Do you have criminals in their ranks? Do you have people who do violent things? Yes, yes, yes, yes. That is not a moral equivalency to the KKK,” Cuomo said. “It’s certainly not an equivalent to what we see on the right. Just look at the stats. The number one domestic terror threat in the U.S. is the extreme right. There is not even a close second.”


“That’s all they’re about is hate. Two out of three people on this panel they don’t want to exist!”

All of which we guess is completely accurate if you simply ignore the 2,996 people killed in the 9/11 attacks, 49 people killed in the Orlando night club shooting, 14 people killed in San Bernadino, etc.

Meanwhile, we can only assume that violent antifa protests, like the ones conducted during Trump’s inauguration that included a bunch of folks running around with baseball bats and hammers, attacking cops and destroying private property, don’t fit Harris’ definition of “domestic terrorism.”


Perhaps Harris’ time, and taxpayers’ dollars, may be better used trying to figure out why Chicago residents are committing 800 murders every single year than why 1 psychopath committed 1 truly awful murder last week…just a thought.

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