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Trading  | January 17, 2018

Authored by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

There is a true law, a right reason, conformable to nature, universal, unchangeable, eternal, whose commands urge us to duty, and whose prohibitions restrain us from evil. Whether it enjoins or forbids, the good respect its injunctions, and the wicked treat them with indifference. This law cannot be contradicted by any other law, and is not liable either to derogation or abrogation. Neither the senate nor the people can give us any dispensation for not obeying this universal law of justice. It needs no other expositor and interpreter than our own conscience. It is not one thing at Rome and another at Athens; one thing today and another tomorrow; but in all times and nations this universal law must for ever reign, eternal and imperishable. It is the sovereign master and emperor of all beings. God himself is its author,—its promulgator,—its enforcer. He who obeys it not, flies from himself, and does violence to the very nature of man. For his crime he must endure the severest penalties hereafter, even if he avoid the usual misfortunes of the present life.

– Marcus Tullius Cicero

American influence abroad, as defined by the power and status of the U.S. empire, has been in consistent decline for nearly two decades now. Indeed, when the history books are written it’ll be clear that the dotcom boom and bust at the end of the 20th century marked the peak of U.S. imperial strength. Shortly after that bubble burst our nation was faced with the brutal and traumatizing 9/11 attacks, and the overreaction to this event unleashed a mass insanity across the American public from which we have never recovered.

Specifically, the attacks of September 11, 2001 were ruthlessly and immediately exploited by degenerate power hungry charlatans in D.C. and elsewhere to fear-monger an entire country to give up liberty in exchange for a promise of safety. With that devilish bargain our society committed cultural suicide.

As is so often the case with such terrible events, the worst of the worst took charge within our government and began to define the cultural narrative in fascistic terms. These sociopathic war mongers saw the terror attack as an excuse to advance their twisted imperial ambitions abroad, while also earning a fortune pursuing unconstitutional surveillance “opportunities” at home. This Owellian death spiral has been ongoing for over sixteen years now, and doesn’t skip a beat irrespective of who sits in the Oval office. It’s an unaccountable, corrupt and nefarious beast consisting of government, intelligence agencies, mega corporations and Wall Street. This is late-stage U.S. Empire, and it’ll consume everything it can in its path before coming to its inevitable end.

The American people have been fed endless lies for a very long time, and while people are starting to wake up, too many continue to fall for the same old deranged partisan nonsense. Obama was supposed to save us from Bush, then Trump was supposed to save us from Obama. Half the country now prays for some yet to be determined Presidential savior like Oprah to come rescue them in 2020. This is the definition of insanity.

The only way we’ll recover as a nation is if we take a long hard look in the mirror and see how stupid, arrogant and destructive we’ve been since 9/11. One year into the Presidency of Donald Trump, a person Democrats have labeled a Hitler-esque Putin puppet, and 55 Democrats (including Nancy Pelosi and “resistance” hero Adam Schiff) voted to give him and Jeff Sessions more unconstitutional surveillance powers over the public.

It’s so obvious these dishonest politicians in government are constantly lie to you, but many people simply refuse to admit it. The public loves to be endlessly conned along silly, tribal, partisan lines rather than admit that the rot isn’t partisan, but systemic. All sociopaths in D.C. have to do is tweak the message a little every four years to get people frothing at the mouth for a new savior. The reason we can’t have nice things is because too many of us are so completely gullible and easily manipulated by power-hungry crooks we paradoxically call “leaders.” The only thing these people are leading us into is a gigantic ditch.

Earlier this week, I came across the following tweet and it summed things up perfectly for me.



It’s all a lie.

All these leaders, whether they’re politicians in government or CEOs at mega corporations, they’re all lying to you. Things are not well and won’t get better until we grow up, take responsibility and stop being conned. If you don’t know who the sucker at the imperial poker table is, it’s probably you.

This is why I spent so much of the last year writing about how important it is to focus. on yourself. As individuals, we can’t control outside events and we can’t control the consciousness of others, but we can get ahold of our own minds and affect the world around us through our own actions. If enough of us focus on that as opposed to spending all our energy on external drama, things will get better.

Whether we think it’s a good thing or a bad thing, the U.S. empire is rapidly fading into the sunset. The signs are everywhere and are undeniable at this point. I don’t say this to fear-monger, but because I think it’s crucial people aren’t caught off guard by how much the world will change over the next 5-10 years.

As was the case with 9/11, it’s when we’re blindsided that we’re most easily manipulated by bad actors who want to control and take advantage of you. Let’s not be blindsided again.

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