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"How Do You Not Re-Elect This Guy?" CNBC's Jane Wells Reminds Americans: "It's The Economy, Stupid"

CNBC commentator Jane Wells, whose son is a Marine stationed in Japan, told Fox affiliate KTTV this weekend that she could see a clear path to a 2020 re-election victory for President Donald Trump based on the economy, stupid!

As The Daily Caller’s Virginia Kruta reports, Wells explained that despite the media furor over a possible trade war on multiple fronts, the impact on the day to day economy might not be felt in the way that some were predicting.

She said:

“We do have a trade war, prices will probably go up on a few things. At the same time U.S. Steel is just firing up a defunct plant in the U.S. because the demand for domestic steel is up because of these tariffs.

She also noted that if the overall economic impact of the Trump administration was good, there would likely be a greater number of Americans who were willing to look past their dislike of the president and vote instead for self-preservation.

“I am the sort of person that says you may not like this president, he has broken the mold, but if by 2020 we have GDP growth near 4 percent, we’ve got a market like this, we’ve got record low unemployment, we got more jobs than job applicants… and maybe we have peace in Korea. How do you not re-elect this guy, even if you think he’s a buffoon?”

Another member of the panel asked, “what about the racism?” and Wells kept going. She explained:

People are gonna say, ‘I don’t like him, he’s a racist, he’s a misogynist, poor illegal immigrants, but I’m doing better than I was four years ago, America is safer than it was four years ago, the economy is doing better, there are more jobs,’ and I just don’t know how that gets defeated – because it’s the economy, stupid.

We hope this does not lead to a boycott Jane Wells ‘movement’ among the resisting many.

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