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Trading  | March 16, 2018

While her brother, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, is preparing to visit the White House to meet with President Donald Trump, Saudi Arabian Princess Hassa bint Salman, the daughter of King Salman bin Abdulaziz, has been made the subject of an arrest warrant issued by a French judge.


The princess is being charged with ordering her body guard to beat up a worker at her Paris apartment who was taking photos in an unauthorized part of the home, instead of working.

When the princess and her bodyguard discovered him in the act of taking photos, the princess’s body guard confronted the man.

The bodyguard was later arrested, per Reuters.

“…Agence France-Presse, the workman was suspected of taking photographs in a private apartment of the princess on Avenue Foch, an expensive street near the Arc de Triomphe, according to the report.”

Haaretz, citing French publication Le Point, which broke the story, reported that the incident took place in 2016, which is when the bodyguard was arrested. A French judge reportedly issued the arrest warrant for the princess late Thursday. It was filed under the French spelling Hussat ben Salmane.

At the time of the arrest, a local newspaper quoted the bodyguard’s lawyer as saying that the bodyguard had intervened after hearing his employer scream. She had discovered the worker in her private apartment, not in the area where he was supposed to be carrying out plumbing work.

Princess HbS left the country shortly after the incident, and hasn’t returned.

In a fascinating twist, the warrant was issued a day after NBC News published a disturbing report about MbS’s efforts to “hide” his mother from his father. The report made it clear that MbS was essentially holding his mother captive for fear that she might try to impede his rise to power.

Yet there is one Saudi woman whom U.S. officials say has not benefited from the prince’s rise: his own mother. Fourteen current and former senior U.S. officials told NBC News that intelligence shows Prince Mohammed bin Salman — often referred to by his initials MBS — blocked his mother from seeing his father, King Salman, more than two years ago and has kept her away from him as the young prince rapidly amassed power.

Prince Mohammed, a key ally of the Trump White House, has concocted various explanations of his mother’s whereabouts over the years, such as that she’s out of the country receiving medical treatment, so King Salman would not know his son has been behind her continued absence, the current and former officials said.

U.S. officials interviewed for this story believe, based on several years of intelligence, that MBS took action against his mother because he was concerned that she opposed his plans for a power grab that could divide the royal family and might use her influence with the king to prevent it. The officials said MBS placed his mother under house arrest at least for some time at a palace in Saudi Arabia, without the king’s knowledge.

The Saudi Embassy in Paris did not respond to requests for comment. The Saudi government communications office and the royal court could not be reached for comment. Of course, none of this will likely impact MbS’s relationship with President Trump. The two have made no secret of their mutual desire to strengthen US-Saudi ties, just as the Kingdom threatens that it will build its own nuclear weapon if Iran ever gains the capability…

After the reports of what was done to various members of the Saudi elites by her brother, perhaps she learned everything she is being accused from him? (and of course the lack of consequences for her action too)…

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