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Fidel Castro's Son Commits Suicide

The 68-year-old son of late Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, Fidel Angel Castro Dmaz-Balart,  committed suicide on Thursday after suffering from depression, reports Cuban state-run media. 


Diaz-Balart, who had been attended by a group of doctors for several months due to a state of profound depression, committed suicide this morning, reported

Known as “Fidelito” due to his resemblance to his father, Castro Jr. had been hospitalized for depression after which he received outpatint follow-up treatment outside of the hospital. 

Castro, who held a Doctorate in Sciences, served as Scientific advisor to the Council of State, as well as the Vice President of the Academy of Sciences of Cuba. 

Castro Dmaz – Balart’s bio at the Academy of Sciences reads: 

Scientific Advisor of the State Council of the Republic of Cuba. Degree in Physics, Master of Science in Physics, and Ph.D. in Physical- Mathematics Sciences. Expert in Nuclear Physics, formed in the Kurchatov Institute in the former Soviet Union. Principal leader and organizer in the creation and strengthening of capacities in nuclear science and technology, presiding over several years the Secretary for Nuclear Affairs in Cuba. Second-level PhD. Senior researcher. Member of the Cuban Physical Society. Member of the Scientific Council of the Iberian – Latin American Association on Technology Management (ALTEC). Author and editor of several books of great strategic importance in matters of progress and trends of contemporary science. He has taught many presentations, lectures and has represented Cuba in events, scientific and high level authorities meetings for Science and Technology in several countries, UNESCO, TWAS. Nanoscience promoter and manager/founder of a project for its promotion and development in Cuba, which is coming true.

Castro Jr. appears to have been well liked based on the comments section of


Funeral arrangements have yet to be made. 

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