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CNN Responds To Trump: "We Are Not The Enemy Of The American People"

President Trump’s latest casual criticism of the American mainstream media was apparently a bridge too far for CNN Host Wolf Blitzer. In one of the most self-congratulatory segments of cable news in recent memory, Blitzer and CNN analyst David Gregory took turns griping about Trump and the culture of anti-media hostility that Trump has supposedly created (even though it existed long before he arrived, and is much more closely linked to the media’s own inept coverage).


Furious about the media’s skeptical coverage of his meeting with Kim Jong Un, Trump fired off a tweet earlier this week where he declared that “our country’s biggest enemy is the Fake News so easily promulgated by fools!”

Gregory got the conversation going when he blasted Trump for being unoriginal and accused him of trying to “outdo Nixon”. No president gets along with the media, but most of Trump’s predecessors at least adhered to a sense of decorum, Gregory exclaimed. Also notice how there’s a woman on the panel who tries to speak up several times but is each time drowned out by one of her male colleagues.

Wolf chimed in, sounding indignant about the shift in public opinion concerning CNN and its coverage.

“Everybody’s always criticizing us and not happy with our coverage whether it was President Clinton or President Bush or President – they’re all criticized,” Blitzer said.

The fact that so many Americans distrust the media is “a really, really awful situation,” he added. The fact that there’s China, Russia, North Korea, Iran and so many other countries that are geopolitical adversaries of the US, but the people see the US media as the enemy, just isn’t right,” Wolf whined.

“We are not the enemy of the American people. We love the American people.”

Maybe, if the media wants to win back the trust of the American public, it should find a way to shed its sanctimonious tone, and start working on finding a new strategy for conveying the news rather than the self-righteous virtue signaling that’s popular over at CNN. 

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