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Boeing: Time To Ring The Register On This Great Company

Analysis Context and DisclosureSemi-annually I cycle through the stocks in my investing universe and update my intrinsic valuation each company. It is now time for the Boeing Company (BA) to be updated.I have been a Boeing shareholder since July 2013. Needless to say the investment has been fantastic with the only regret being that I […]

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AMD: Good News And Bad

Shares of chipmaker Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) have had a decent rally since the company reported Q4 results last week. While the report wasn’t a home run by any stretch of the imagination, it wasn’t the disaster we’ve seen with a number of others in the space. Unfortunately, the rally took a small pause on […]

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Sentiment Speaks: Can Bitcoin Reach $65,000 By 2021?

It would seem that cryptocurrency investors now have a lot in common with gold investors. Whereas gold has seen a prolonged pullback from 2011 to 2015, cryptocurrency investors have seen the same type of pullback, but over a shorter period of time. But we all have seen how the cryptocurrency markets move much faster than […]

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3 Deep Value Dividend Stocks With Strong Market-Beating Potential

My new Deep Value Dividend Growth Portfolio or DVDGP (beating the market by 10% so far) is all about investing in quality dividend payers, at good to great prices, opportunistically when the market becomes extremely bearish on quality income producing assets.While the portfolio’s strategy is inherently contrarian, we tend to stick to blue-chip low-risk stocks […]

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Market Remains Overvalued

SummaryTo facilitate comparisons, we’ve adjusted the two P/E ratios and Q Ratio to their arithmetic means and the inflation-adjusted S&P Composite to its exponential regression.We’ve plotted the S&P regression data as an area chart type rather than a line to make the comparisons a bit easier to read.Periods of over- and under-valuation can last for […]

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Swing Trade Opportunities Grow As Stock Market Picks Up Steam

Breakouts and reversals are the two main swing trading strategies we use. But they also require the right stock market environment. It’s the juxtaposition of the right swing trades in the right stock market that determines your success.That’s been one of the challenges of the stock market rally. The improvement in the stock market condition […]

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You Are Going To Have Too Much Money

Dividend growth investors sure feel like they have it all worked out. While volatile, roiling, go-nowhere markets leave most investors feeling like spawning salmon trying to swim upstream, the dividend growth crowd seems to be coasting along, riding their inflatable rubber duckies as they sip pina coladas, trailing their toes absentmindedly in the water as […]

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General Electric: Why You Should Ignore The Noise

General Electric’s (GE) shares have dropped off from their latest 2-month high this week after analysts made negative comments about the company’s revised deal terms relating to the 2018 Wabtec (NYSE:WAB) transaction. The revised merger terms between General Electric’s former transportation business and Wabtec are not a big deal, though, and should not distract investors […]

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9.4% Yield, Overlooked Preferred Stock With Solid Coverage, Insiders Are Buying, From Compass Diversified

IntroductionIn this article, we are recommending the Compass Diversified Holdings, 7.25% Series A Non-Cumulative Preferred Shares (‘CODI.PA’) or CODI-A, which currently yields 9.4%. This preferred stock provides investors with a high and juicy dividend that’s well covered and that’s also backed by a company that is battle tested.We have made our thesis in a recent […]

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Amazon Suffers A Big Setback

Amazon (AMZN) suffered a major setback in one of the most important regions for the company outside the US. Amazon has been spending massive amounts in India to gain better market share against its rival Flipkart. Besides the online platform, it has invested heavily in local content and digital wallet. Walmart (WMT) gained a majority […]

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