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The Best Dividend Stocks To Buy When Interest Rates Are Falling

For good or ill, the stock market is obsessed with what the Federal Reserve does with short-term interest rates.Much of this year’s 22% total return on the S&P 500 has come as a result of the Fed turning more dovish, including cutting the Fed Funds rate twice this year. Jerome Powell at the conference call said […]

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10 Tech Stocks to Buy Now for 2025

The tech sector endured some pretty tough times last year. Even Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOG, NASDAQ:GOOGL) and Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) struggled.But if we put these troubles aside for a moment and focus on the longer-term outlook, a different picture emerges. Stretching out to 2025, some of these big-name tech stocks begin to look very attractive indeed — especially […]

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A Record $1.1 Trillion Has Shifted out of Stocks over the Last Year. Here’s Why the Market Is Still Climbing, and Could See Further Gains Soon.

In the last year, investors have pulled a record $1.1 trillion out of equities and moved the money into bonds and money market funds, according to data from Bernstein. That marks the largest such shift in history.That could mean that equities are set up for gains in the near term, says a team of Bernstein […]

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10 Stocks Where Short Sellers Are Throwing In The Towel

Experienced traders know a rise in short interest can potentially be a red flag for a company. At the same time, a wave of short covering can be a sign a troubled company has turned the corner or that short sellers are abandoning their bearish outlook.Earlier this month, S3 Partners analyst Ihor Dusaniwsky compiled a […]

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3 Stocks to Buy in the Fourth Quarter

The fourth quarter starts next week, with investors scrambling to find stocks that pay the bills into year end. The most popular equity plays might not work during this period, with trade talk uncertainty keeping a lid on most S&P 500 and other blue-chip components. Indeed, market players might need to a little homework this […]

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Shopify Stock Fell for Six Straight Days: What’s Next?

Shopify (SHOP) stock has declined in the last six days and fell 1.9% on September 13. That price drop was followed by sequential declines of 0.3%, 0.9%, 2.7%, 0.1%, and 5.1%, respectively. Collectively, Shopify stock has fallen nearly 11% in the last six days. Notably, SHOP is also trending down in today’s premarket trading and […]

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Nvidia Stock Is Starting to Crack – Chart

Nvidia shares are starting to crack, as resistance held firm earlier this month and as sellers have stepped up to the plate.On Friday, Nvidia stock closed lower by 2.4% at $172.69 as concerns over the trade war rattle investors ahead of the weekend. It doesn’t help that it’s a quadruple witching day, one of four […]

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GM and Ford Trucks Are a Great Business. Why Their Stocks Don’t Reflect It.

No one wants to buy auto stocks these days. It doesn’t feel smart to buy cyclical stocks at the end of a long-running economic expansion. That reluctance, however, could cause investors to overlook one of the most-profitable niches in the global car market: U.S. light trucks.Americans love their trucks. More than 70% of new vehicles […]

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US Senators Have Reportedly Piled Up To $96 Million Into Stocks, Including Companies They Regulate

Fifty-one US senators and their spouses have up to $96 million invested in corporate stocks, raising conflict of interest concerns because many of them could pass laws that help those businesses and thus enrich themselves.An analysis by Sludge and the Guardian — a deep dive you can check out here — looked at the senators’ […]

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3 Medical Marijuana Stocks to Buy

Often, when analysts or bloggers talk up the potential of marijuana stocks, the focus is on the consumer side of the industry. But some of the best stocks in the pot sector may be medical marijuana stocks.Indeed, it’s on the medical side where growth is likely to be largest in the near term. Canada did […]

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