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Best Stocks To Buy Today As Investors Eye Coronavirus Stimulus

The early muted gains were accelerated as the markets surged higher today. Investors will be keenly observing the developments on the new stimulus package in the US, with the old one expiring at the end of the month. Markets are hopeful after the European Union signed off on a 750-billion-euro package last night that drove […]

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3 Safe Haven, Stay-At-Home Tech Stocks to Buy with Nasdaq at Highs

The Nasdaq hit new highs once again on Monday, as the familiar faces of the market’s coronavirus comeback, from Tesla TSLA to Zoom ZM continue to soar. On Tuesday, IBM IBM topped our quarterly estimates, and the Dow climbed on the back of the European Union’s $2 trillion spending package to help spur recovery from […]

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Forget Sirius XM, Netflix Is a Better Growth Stock

Satellite radio and audio-streaming veteran Sirius XM Holdings (NASDAQ: SIRI) has a lot in common with video-streaming giant Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX). These two companies essentially willed their respective target markets into existence many years ago. They are leaders in their chosen fields, facing off against a plethora of strong competitors. Furthermore, many investors view both of these stocks as high-growth investments. […]

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Undervalued Wells Fargo Stock Could Be Poised For Big Gains

It’s safe to say Wells Fargo (NYSE:WFC) isn’t doing too hot. Even for a money-center bank, which have been hit hard by recent events. Bank stocks have fallen massively since the start of 2020. But, Wells Fargo stock may have been the hardest hit compared to its big bank rivals.Year-to-date, Bank of America (NYSE:BAC) stock is down […]

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Risks Remain, But Consider Kohl’s a Cautious Buy

What’s next for Kohl’s (NYSE:KSS)? Kohl’s stock has doubled off its novel coronavirus lows. But, with a long road “back to normal” for retail, it’s a challenge for shares to bounce back to their pre-pandemic price levels (around $45 per share).Yet, for investors looking at shares today, there could be opportunity. Granted, trends are not on […]

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IBM (IBM) Stock Stuck in Historic Downtrend

Old-school tech giant International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) reports second quarter 2020 results after Tuesday’s closing bell, with analysts expecting earnings per share (EPS) of $2.09 on $17.72 billion in revenues. The stock sold off more than 5% after beating first quarter 2020 profit estimates in April, with investors walking away after the company withdrew […]

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A Coronavirus Vaccine May Not Be Beneficial For Your Favorite Stocks

We all want a safe and effective vaccine for the coronavirus. Certainly one or more effective vaccines will be good for the economy. However, the stock market is detached from the economy. So here is the key question for investors: “How will the stock market react to the news of vaccines, not immediately but over a […]

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Billionaire Mark Cuban Says Stock-market Tech Rally ‘Very Similar’ To Tech Bubble: ‘My 19 Year-old Niece Is Asking Me What Stocks’ She Should Buy

Outspoken billionaire and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban says that the stock market’s recent technology-driven run-up from coronavirus lows has many of the hallmarks of the bubble that rocked markets in the late 1990s and early 2000s. One big difference: This time the Federal Reserve is amplifying liquidity in the pandemic-battered economy, which has helped […]

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Dogs Of The Dow Midyear Checkup

Dogs of the Dow: A Contrarian High-Yield ApproachThis investing strategy focuses exclusively on blue-chip companies and purchasing them when they become undervalued relative to each other. Dogs of the Dow is a disciplined approach for individuals seeking value-oriented, large-cap stocks and a steady source of dividend income. The Dogs of the Dow is a simple and […]

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7 New Stocks to Buy for 2021 and Beyond

The Renaissance IPO Index is up 37.7% year to date compared to -1.3% for the S&P 500. If you’re interested in making some long-term investments, here are seven new stocks to buy from this index. By new, I mean stocks that have either had an IPO in 2020 or went public last year but have been added to […]

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