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Looking For Penny Stocks To Buy? 3 You May Have Missed This Week

We get it, there are thousands of penny stocks to watch. How could you possibly manage to identify every single one of them? That isn’t sarcasm either. It’s just the truth. With so many small- and micro-cap public companies, there’s no possible way to successfully trade every breakout, every day. So I’m sure you might’ve […]

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10 Growth Stocks to Buy for Long-Term FIRE Investors

For young FIRE investors, retirement isn’t an age. It’s a number. And it’s a number which they believe they can get to rather quickly. Much more quickly than their parents did. FIRE — which stands for Financial Independence, Retire Early — is a modern, Millennial-driven movement creating a blueprint for young workers to follow so that […]

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Will ‘Sell the Microsoft News’ Work for the Bears This Time?

In recent years the market-timing bears have consistently anticipated a “sell the news” reaction to earnings reports. The logic for this argument is easy to understand. Stocks have run up, valuations are aggressive, and strong earnings have already been fully discounted. Unfortunately for our ursine friends, it just hasn’t worked very well. More often than not […]

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Avoid Tesla Stock After $428M Tax Credits Sale

Tesla reported four profitable quarters in a row. In July 23 pre-market trade, its stock is up 283% so far in 2020. So is now the time to buy Tesla stock — 9.44% of which is sold short? I see four reasons to steer clear — most notably, Tesla’s profitability does not come from selling vehicles […]

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3 Hotel Stocks To Buy As Tourism Rebounds Around the World

Since the onset of the pandemic, the $9 trillion travel industry has been hard-hit, in particular hotel stocks. Restrictions in countries across the globe left people confined to their homes for several months this spring. However, with lockdowns lifted and the start of the busiest travel season of the year, experts believe that travel is likely […]

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Some Hot Tech Stocks Show Signs of Cooling. Why Apple Could Be Next.

As tech earnings kick off in earnest, some of the market’s hottest companies are showing signs of cooling. Netflix (ticker: NFLX) had a great June quarter, but cautioned that September quarter subscriber growth would be below investor expectations, after two quarters of blowout growth. Its stock has soared 51% year to date. Microsoft (MSFT) had a […]

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These 5 Toxic Stocks Could be Poisoning Your Portfolio

Distinguishing between overpriced stocks and fairly priced stocks is the key to successful investing. But the task is not easy as the correctly priced and overvalued stocks are mingled in a very deceptive way in the marketplace. However, investors who can pinpoint the overhyped toxic stocks and discard them at the right time are the […]

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These 7 Robinhood Stocks Have the Legs for Future Gains

There are good Robinhood stocks and there are bad Robinhood stocks. Over the last month, the discount brokerage made news for the right reasons and the wrong ones.  The good news was that it secured more than double the funds it was expecting to raise, which resulted in a valuation of $8.6 billion for the company. The bad […]

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Netflix: Is Growth Accelerating or Just Pulled Forward?

Last week, Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) reported phenomenal growth in its earnings, free cash flow, and subscriber base for the second quarter of 2020. Clearly, the streaming video pioneer has been able to capitalize on stay-at-home orders and similar measures in the U.S. and abroad. Simply put, bored consumers have turned to Netflix to stay entertained. Nevertheless, Netflix stock fell […]

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Coca-Cola’s Earnings Take a Historic Hit From Decreased Consumer Interactions

Coca-Cola (NYSE: KO) investors are used to outperforming the market during recessions, but so far that situation has been flipped in 2020. The beverage giant is trailing the S&P 500 this year and is lagging rivals like PepsiCo (NASDAQ: PEP). On Tuesday, Coke’s fiscal second-quarter results helped illustrate why investors should brace for a more challenging road ahead for its business while […]

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