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3 Unicorn Stocks to Sell as the Coronavirus Smashes the Market

Global equities are getting smashed on Monday as the world wakes up to the fact that the coronavirus from China is fast becoming a global pandemic. No longer limited by seemingly massaged statistics on infections and deaths out of China, the virus now has a strong foothold in Europe. Officials have locked down much of […]

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3 Healthcare Stocks Fighting the Coronavirus

Fears of a coronavirus pandemic sent the markets into a tailspin on Monday with all three major indexes registering heavy losses. Additionally, oil dropped by 4%, and the European equities markets had their worse performing day since mid-2016. In contrast, gold – traditionally a safe haven asset – notched a seven-year high, while the CBOE […]

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When the President Tells You To Buy Stocks, He’s Usually Right

American presidents have an uncanny ability to move the stock markets. A single tweet or press statement can send traders into a buying frenzy. So what should you do when Donald Trump gets on Twitter and tells you to buy stocks? Probably buy ‘em!Recent history shows that the stocks rally hard every time a sitting president urges […]

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8 of the Best Stocks to Buy for ESG Investors

Typically, investment considerations for stocks to buy involve established indicators, such as valuation or technical momentum. Increasingly, though, the “ESG stock” or a publicly traded company that ranks highly in addressing environmental, social and governance issues, is becoming attractive. There are several reasons why socially responsible investing has increased in visibility over the years. First, the […]

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Today’s Panic Is Tomorrow’s Opportunity in Nvidia Stock

The market may have investors rightfully spooked and asking the question of whether the broader averages have topped. Still, in a market made up of stocks, Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA) stock is one positioned for longer-term success. And a “still healthy” NVDA stock is worth monitoring for a risk-adjusted buy into your portfolio in the days ahead.Let […]

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4 Discount Retailer Stocks to Buy Now

American consumers are feeling pretty good right now. Consumer confidence has soared back to the highs seen last summer according to the University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index. And for good reason: the unemployment rate has rarely been lower, asset prices are up and President Trump is talking about another round of tax cuts. So there’s […]

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Prepare Now For The Post-Coronavirus Bond Market, This Investor Says

Kevin Flanagan, head of fixed-income strategy at ETF powerhouse WisdomTree, has watched fluctuations in bond markets his entire career. Now he’s taking a somewhat contrarian view of how investors should be positioning. Look past the current coronavirus concerns, he counsels, and “swim against the tide” to where bond markets will likely settle after the news […]

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10 Dividend Stocks to Buy That Are Off to a Fast Start in 2020

A year ago, I wrote an article about seven dividend stocks to buy that had announced a dividend increase in the first 64 days of 2019. To make the exercise even more useful, I tried to diversify my picks by selecting one stock from seven different sectors. Here’s how they’ve performed since then.1-Year Total Return […]

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3 Large-Cap Stocks to Buy and Short

Are you frustrated trying to buy and sell stocks in today’s volatile and headline-driven market? To position with stronger success, look to diversify risk and hedge your portfolio with large-cap stocks setting up for meaningful moves up and down using the monthly chart.Wall Street’s risk appetite from one day to the next goes hand-in-hand with […]

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Time To Sell Microsoft Stock Or Hold This Long Term Leader?

The IBD Live Team discussed stocks to buy and watch during Friday’s episode. Among stocks on the move today, the Team analyzed a pullback in Microsoft stock. The IBD Long Term Leader pulled back in heavy volume but held above the 10-week moving average.Time To Sell Microsoft Stock Or Continue Holding?Stocks sold off across the board on […]

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