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Intel Stock Is a Must-Buy When Coronavirus Fears Subside

The market is currently in a tailspin as the coronavirus from China continues to spread across the globe. While many believe we’re not at the bottom quite yet, it’s useful to start making a short list of stocks to snap up at a discount once the dust settles. Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) should absolutely be on that […]

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The Bullish Case for 3M Stock Isn’t Just About Its Face Masks

Everybody and their uncle have asked me to give my opinion on investing in face-mask stocks. I’m not one to jump on trends like this, but with the coronavirus from China spreading fast, I can see the validity of an investment in sanitary-protection items. The most direct exposure to this niche might be Alpha Pro […]

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Travel Stocks Are In a Bear Market. It Might Be Time to Buy.

The stock market is in a correction, but travel-related stocks are in a bear market. Things happened incredibly fast last week, and it feels strange to say it this early into recent stock declines, but it may be time to buy travel stocks. Investors, at least, should start looking for value in the beaten-up space.The […]

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Coronavirus Hasn’t “Maxed Out” MA Stock Just Yet

Obviously, the coronavirus from China has devastated virtually all publicly traded companies. But for credit-card giant Mastercard (NYSE:MA), the outbreak came at a truly awkward time. Just as the virus was lurching forward to becoming a pandemic, Mastercard announced a change at the top. Is the executive change-up enough to shift the narrative for MA […]

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Analysts: 3 Beaten-Down Stocks to Buy on Weakness

A stock can experience a pullback for a variety of reasons, be it disappointing quarterly results, the impact of internal politics, or the effect of the coronavirus on the economy. Yet, traditionally, those with strong fundamentals will bounce back and be propelled upwards again. As the pros will tell you, the best play in the […]

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Stock Market Plunge ‘Starting To Feel A Bit Ridiculous,’ But Don’t Argue, Says Chart-watcher

It doesn’t pay to fight the tape, but the stock market could be poised for a big-time rally once the current selloff subsides, a veteran chart-watcher said Thursday. “This move lower is starting to feel a bit ridiculous, but we try not to argue with Ms. Market,” said Mark Arbeter, president of Arbeter Investments, in a […]

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Tech Stocks on Sale: Which Should You Buy?

The global equity route that began on Monday has turned into an enormous two-day sell-off, amidst fears that the coronavirus that emerged in rural China is becoming a global contagion.In percentage terms, the tech-heavy Nasdaq’s fall of almost 4% on Monday and another almost 3% on Tuesday is in line with the other major U.S. […]

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Pinterest Stock Looks Like a Buy on This Recent Pullback

Pinterest (NYSE:PINS) is in reverse. After a blowout fourth-quarter earnings report earlier this month, Pinterest stock had been one of the best performers in 2020. Shares now have declined 22% from intraday highs on Feb. 7, the day after that earnings release.To be fair, PINS still has gained 15% year-to-date, and both the rally through […]

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Buying On The Dip? Leave 3M Stock On The Shelf For Now

As U.S. equities crash on Monday, no doubt some investors are looking to buy the dip. And at least a few of those investors will consider 3M (NYSE:MMM) stock.After all, in a “flight to quality,” 3M stock would seem to be an attractive target. The company is one of the great U.S. industrial companies. with […]

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3 Stocks to Buy While There’s Blood in the Streets

A growing coronavirus threat is no laughing matter. But with risk-off behavior finally worthy of healthy extremes and contrarian lore on Wall Street, it’s time to consider these three stocks to buy. All three appear well-suited to survive today’s diseased market and possible future pandemics.The broader market is officially in panic mode with the S&P […]

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