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5 ‘Strong Buy’ Biotech Stocks to Buy for 2020

Investors seeking out high growth for their portfolios will often turn to biotech stocks. The biotechnology industry, which has become densely populated as our understanding of living systems and organisms continues to expand, has earned a reputation on Wall Street for its explosive potential … and high volatility. In contrast to companies in other sectors, the […]

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Tesla: Sell On The Trumpets

You probably aren’t asking yourself for whom this bell is tolling, but I’d like to tell you anyway. (You’re welcome.) The classic contrary indicator for the market itself in recent (geologic) time was the 1979 Business Week cover pronouncing The Death of Equities. Apparently, because of endless and rampant inflation, stocks were never going to be a good […]

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3 Stocks to Sell Following Monday’s Beatdown

Monday’s shot across the bow was the first firing of the year, and buyers everywhere are reassessing their religion. With short-term support levels now smashed and bears on the prowl, it’s a perfect time to identify stocks to sell. And so we shall. Traders everywhere are wondering if yesterday’s whack was a single incident or a […]

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3 Coronavirus Stocks to Buy Until Crisis Is Averted

The coronavirus has been dominating the headlines — and in turn, affecting the markets and stocks to buy and sell everywhere.To date, more than 4,500 people have been infected, with a nurse in Wahun saying up to 90,000 people are actually sick. Now, more than 100 people have died. Chinese hospitals are reportedly overwhelmed, and […]

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Top 30 Stocks From The S&P 500 For A Balanced And Conservative Portfolio

Over the past three months, I have developed a Stock Relative Scoring System (SRSS) – a system to grade stocks inside a selected universe, based on 46 parameters, grouped into seven categories, plus dividend scoring as a separate category with 13 additional parameters. The System is based on three main categories:GrowthValueProfitability and QualityThe Growth Score depends […]

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Selling of This Sort Is Index Driven and Is Highly Correlated

Unsurprisingly there was some dip buying on this big, ugly open but when there is a drop of this magnitude they don’t stick around for long. This open was an opportunity for traders to quickly flip a few things. Longer-term buyers are much more hesitant about buying this sort of action. The S&P 500 has already […]

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Is it Wise to Recommend Shorting Apple Right Now?

If anyone was wondering what the all-time worst stock recommendation was, this would certainly promote a lot of discussion, at least up until now. People need to wonder no more.We definitely need to pay attention to where we enter a trade, and trade here just means entering a position of any expected duration. Our first […]

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Wuhan Coronavirus Outbreak: How It Affects Stock Markets And Crude Oil

To say 2019 was a rough year for China is perhaps an understatement, with persistent protests in Hong Kong, soaring food inflation and slowing growth having plagued the 2nd largest economy in the world. To add insult to injury, the coronavirus outbreak, which was first reported on December 31 with its epicenter in Wuhan, got […]

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Airline Stocks Heading South After Coronavirus Scare

U.S. airline carriers are under pressure this week in reaction to a triple whammy of mixed earnings, coronavirus fears, and The Boeing Company’s (BA) latest rollback in the re-certification of the 737-MAX jetliner. This bearish brew wasn’t expected after Delta Air Lines, Inc. (DAL) kicked off the sector’s earnings season on a high note last […]

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4 Bank Stocks to Sell and 4 Cash-Generating Alternatives to Buy

I started my professional career in banking. First I was with Merrill Lynch International Bank, then with the boutique Mark Twain Bank — now part of U.S. Bancorp (NYSE:USB) — and onto Investec.The key to banking is to gather deposits, seek out opportunities to make loans, cut costs and maximize fee income  — and make […]

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