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Warren Buffett Increases Apple Stake Despite Selling Some Stock

Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc.’s may have sold some Apple Inc. shares during the third quarter, but its ownership stake in the technology giant actually increased, as the value of the investment swelled by more than $6 billion.Apple’s stock climbed 1.2% Friday to close at a record high for the seventh time this month.In a 13F […]

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Wall Street’s 7 Highest-Rated Stocks to Buy

A “buy” rating for a stock from a Wall Street analyst can be an important vote of confidence for an investor choosing which stocks to add to a portfolio. However, as many investors found out during the market downturn in 2008, analysts are far from perfect. Rather than relying on stock picks by one person, […]

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Stock Pickers Are Getting Too Confident And That May Be A Bad Sign For The Rally

Investors may be just too comfortable picking individual stocks, and ignoring the macro risks that could derail the rally and broadly hit all of the market’s names.Citigroup strategists, in a note, said they are concerned stock pickers have become overly confident. They said the correlation between the top 50 stocks by market cap has dropped […]

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The Best CEFs To Buy For 10% Yields In 2020

Where are we to put our money in this levitating market—and how do we dodge the (many) overpriced stocks (and funds) ready for a fall?Today I’m going to answer both questions, with one group of investments that are way overvalued—even though they look like bargains. Buy these “value traps” and you’re primed for a fast double-digit […]

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Why Did Amazon Stock Fall 2% Last Week?

So far, November has been a disappointing month for Amazon (AMZN) stock. Surprisingly, from over $1,800 on November 4, the stock has fallen roughly -3.54% in the last two weeks. From November 11–15, the stock fell -2.16%. On a year-to-date basis, the stock has grown 15.5% in value with a market cap of $862 billion […]

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Twitter or Square: Which Stock Should Jack Dorsey Buy?

On two occasions over the past couple of years, I’ve written columns exploring whether Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) or Square (NYSE:SQ) stock is the better buy. Both times I went with Square. Now that we’re approaching the end of a very good year in the markets and Twitter stock has fallen off a cliff, losing 27% in the […]

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3 “Strong Buy” Dividend Stocks Yielding 5% — Or More

The S&P 500 stock index has famously averaged a return of just under 10% over the past near-century — a great rate in an economy where the average bank account is still paying just 0.05%!Of course, even 10% is just the average. Some stocks go up more than that, some go up less. Some years […]

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Time to Buy Value Stocks?

What an interesting fourth quarter it’s been so far! While the stock market has hit new record high after record high, the leadership behind the rally is different. What do I mean by that? This time it’s not growth stocks, but value stocks leading the charge.This isn’t because value stocks are the better investments. Rather, it’s […]

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Amazon’s Stock Is Not Looking Too Hot Ahead Of Black Friday

Amazon’s stock price hints it may not be a supremely merry holiday season for the internet beast. Merry, but not the holiday extravaganza that Amazon (AMZN) perma bulls always expect.The relative price of Amazon’s stock versus the S&P 500 continues to deteriorate and is now hovering the lows of the year, points out Renaissance Macro […]

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7 Strong Retail Stocks to Buy for the 2019 Holiday Season

A few months ago, it looked like the 2019 holiday season was going to be a dud. U.S.-China trade tensions were rapidly escalating. Tariffs were being slapped down left and right. Prices were going up left and right for consumers.Higher prices are a deterrent for consumer spending. Recession talk is also a deterrent for consumer […]

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