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The Melt-Up In Stocks To Come

All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. – Arthur SchopenhauerAs I alluded to a couple of weeks ago, I don’t believe this is a correction. By all means, intermarket behavior unequivocally suggests we are in a crash (SPY). The behavior […]

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A Better Way to Find Beaten-Down Stocks to Buy

One of the dangers during a down market is the temptation to buy just because stocks have declined sharply. We cannot handicap adequately the extent of the coronavirus, nor the speed with which it is spreading. (Fortunately, we warned our clients in our Jan. 9 report that our work generated Sell signals on the Russell […]

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How Coronavirus Fears Could Send Stocks Tumbling Another 20%

The U.S. economy looked like it was in great shape as it entered 2020, giving investors plenty of reason to send stock prices higher.However, that narrative quickly unraveled as the spread of COVID-19 has caused economic activity across numerous sectors around the world to collapse. And down came the stock market with it, which saw […]

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American Airlines Stock Loses 25% Over Coronavirus Fears. Is It Time To Buy?

Global markets have reacted strongly to the increase in cases of the novel coronavirus outside of China. Airline stocks have taken a particularly big beating, with American Airlines (NASDAQ: AAL) stock shedding about 25% of its value over the last 4 days.In this analysis, we compare how American Airlines’ stock reacted to previous epidemics such […]

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Dump These 5 Toxic Stocks Right Away

Accurate identification of overpriced stocks and correctly priced stocks is the key to investing success. However, it is a tough task to differentiate between a fairly priced stock and an overhyped stock in a complicated market place. Investors who can spot exorbitantly priced toxic stocks and abandon them at the right time are likely to […]

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The Market Is Rallying Now, But These Indicators Will Show When The Selling Is Really Over

The market’s swift decline from record highs sparked by the coronavirus outbreak has left investors wondering when the bleeding will stop.On Feb. 19, the S&P 500 hit an all-time high. Just a week later, the broad market average traded in a correction — down more than 10% from those levels. It was the fastest drop […]

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3 Tech Stocks to Sell As the Market Trends Lower

With the recent coronavirus-driven correction, what’s the next move for tech stocks?Before, high-flying tech stocks were moving higher in a runaway bull market. Strong growth projections may have justified high multiples. But, as the market moved higher, these stocks reached frothy valuations to say the least. So with this mind, it’s reasonable to assume these […]

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7 Safe Dividend Stocks for Investors to Buy Right Now

Income investors are looking for sources of yield again, as interest rates are low once more and the safe sources of fixed-income yield are drying up.Against that backdrop, conservative dividend stocks appear to be better and better alternatives to bonds for income investors. We saw a similar trend play out in 2015-16, with rate-sensitive stocks […]

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Short Sellers Are Taking a Big Risk With Aphria Stock

The optimism in the cannabis sector has clearly worn off. The bears have made their presence known and the short sellers have pushed Aphria (NYSE:APHA) stock to multi-month lows.I’m going against the grain and showing my contrarian stripes by recommending Aphria stock. Short selling can be overdone. Just as stocks can be overextended to the […]

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3 Natural Gas Stocks to Invest In at Basement Bargain Prices

Even before broader market collapse in February, natural gas stocks were falling fast. The reason was simple: natural gas prices were plunging.Indeed, the Henry Hub spot price, a widely-used benchmark, is at a multi-year low. Heating demand generally drives higher prices in the winter, yet warmer weather and a supply glut have blocked that traditional […]

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