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Forget FAANGs, Invest in These Tech ETFs Instead

The so-called FAANG stocks — Facebook , Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Alphabet — which were investors darling over the past decade, have seen terrible trading in the past six weeks. In fact, each of the five stocks has slipped into a bear territory from their peaks.Facebook led the way among the group tumbling 40.6%, followed by declines […]

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Ask a Fool: What Are the 3 Top Tech Stocks to Buy Today?

The past quarter has been very volatile, and tech stocks have been hammered. For the first time in years, the TSX Index has outperformed the tech sector over a prolonged period of time. Over the past three months the TSX Composite Index has lost 5.62% of its value, whereas tech is down almost 10%.Tech’s recent […]

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Interesting Cryptocurrency Business Ideas For 2019

2018 is the year, the world has woken up, all eyes wide to cryptocurrencies and blockchain. All of the sudden, there is a huge rush among entrepreneurs, investors, startups towards starting an innovative cryptocurrency business. Thanks to the sudden surge in ICO’s and the price of cryptocurrencies earlier this year, the belief in this ecosystem […]

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Value Stocks, That’s Hot

The gains of internet-related stocks in recent years have cast a shadow over what a dull but steady income stream from dividends can do for investors.Fully understanding a company’s ability to generate cash and sustain stock buybacks and payouts to shareholders over time is the bedrock philosophy at Epoch Investment Partners, which oversees about $20.7 […]

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SoftBank Putting Up Hard Cash, Again

WeWork has picked up another $3 billion in financing from SoftBank Corp, not to be confused with SoftBank Vision Fund. The deal comes in the form of a warrant, allowing SoftBank to pay $3 billion for the opportunity to buy shares before September 2019 at a price of $110 or higher, ultimately valuing WeWork at […]

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Gangbusters or Ghost Town

Tesla has been expanding its presence in Northern California beyond its Fremont Factory.We’re now learning that Tesla is getting a giant new building in Lathrop, according to local news reports.Ever since it took over the Fremont factory from Toyota and GM in 2010, Tesla has been expanding in the bay area with new facilities.A few […]

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Don’t Blink, You Might Miss

If you’re an investor who was lulled to sleep by the stock market’s calm, steady gains this summer, you’re wide awake by now.Stocks have swooned over the last three weeks as investors worried about a sea of troubles, including rising interest rates, the trade tensions between the U.S. and China and slowing economies outside the […]

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They Fill Your Inbox, but Not Your Portfolio

Investors have a big appetite for food delivery companies this year. The Wall Street Journal reports on Pitchbook data revealing that $3.5 billion has been invested in food and grocery delivery startups so far in 2018.If you follow The Spoon, then this news shouldn’t come as any real shock. We’ve been covering big money deals […]

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America Has Decided

Come January, Donald J. Trump will be inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States. This is the first step towards a New World Order. Control of the Presidency, the House, the Senate and 74% of State Legislatures are now under the control of the Republican party – for the first time in a […]

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The Best Ways To Benefit From Market Volatility?

Headline: Here’s How Market Volatility CAN be Beneficial for you! Winning Over Market Volatility Using These Tools. Take the Driver’s Seat during Market Volatility to Win Trades and YOUR Success. What does The Dakar Rally have to do with Market Volatility and Winning Trades? BODY Are you a trader who’s experienced the bad side of volatility? Do you feel like you’re RIGHT […]

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