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Trump Tweet Sends Penny Stock Workhorse Surging By More Than 200%, Crashes Website

A tweet by President Donald Trump sent shares of penny stock Workhorse soaring Wednesday.Shares of the Ohio-based automaker, which makes electric vehicles, jumped more than 214%. The stock closed at $2.65 after opening at 82 cents on Wednesday. Workhorse has a market value of just $173 million.In a tweet Wednesday, the president said that General […]

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Reversion to the Mean Is Dead. Investors Beware.

When I was a junior analyst at Sanford Bernstein nearly 25 years ago, our betters drummed into our heads that everything in the investment world went back to normal and that John Templeton was right when he said that the four most expensive words in the English language were “this time it’s different.” Bernstein had […]

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7 Cheap ETFs for Novice Investors

Novice and young investors alike can reduce some of the daunting element of investing and the associated expenses by embracing exchange traded funds (ETFs). More to the point, investors can make their investing experience easier and more profitable by embracing cheap ETFs.Fortunately for frugal and new investors, the universe of cheap ETFs is expanding at […]

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Sell In May And Go Away? Maybe Not This Year.

It is May, but this year don’t sell and get out just yet.The “Best Six Months” strategy has become legendary on Wall Street. “Sell in May and go away” means investing in the Dow Jones Industrial Average between Nov. 1 and April 30 and switching into fixed income for the other six months. This has […]

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3 Top E-Commerce Stocks to Buy Right Now

If you’re interested in growth, few trends look as attractive as e-commerce these days. Whether it involves companies that specialize in selling products exclusively online, or platform owners who support these services, digital retailing is set to deliver strong returns across many investment niches for decades to come.With that bright long-term outlook in mind, we […]

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Goldman Sachs’s 20 Best Stocks To Invest In Now

What are the best stocks to buy after a major rally and amid heightened macro risks?“We advocate three strategies for fund managers,” Goldman Sachs’s David Kostin writes in a note targeted to institutional clients. “Own (a) companies with low operating leverage (as opposed to high); (b) firms with low labor costs as a share of […]

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Best Buy Climbs Following Jefferies Upgrade to Buy

Shares of electronics retailer Best Buy were rising 1.6% Wednesday after analysts at Jefferies upgraded the stock to buy from hold while also increasing their price target to $88 from $72. The price target represents a potential 20% upside from the stock’s closing price Tuesday of $73.62. Jefferies is bullish on the company in light of its […]

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What Is A Dividend? Plus The 5 Best Dividend Paying Stocks

In the simplest terms, a dividend is your share of a company’s profits. They are typically paid out quarterly. Some companies, such as those in the U.K., pay a semiannual dividend to shareholders.It’s important to note that not all companies make these payments. High-growth tech stocks and biotechs often forgo these payouts, instead reinvesting in […]

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It’s Time to Buy Tech Stocks Again, and These 17 Are Your Best Bet

Even as the stock market hits new highs, there’s discernible negativity toward the technology sector. That sets up the classic “wall of worry” for these stocks to climb — which makes them a buy.Below, a few experts with great records in technology weigh in on the false fears, and offer some of their favorite names […]

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The Most Hated Pot Stock Logs Another Sell Rating

The marijuana industry is transforming before our eyes, and Wall Street is taking notice. Over the past couple of months, quite a few Wall Street investment banks have chimed in on the long-term sales outlook for the industry, as well as initiated coverage on a handful of marijuana stocks.For example, the cannabis industry’s biggest cheerleader, Cowen […]

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