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Buy Blizzard Stock

Activision Blizzard Inc. (NASDAQ: ATVI) is the world’s most successful standalone interactive entertainment company. It’s also one of the world’s largest gaming companies with a market capitalization of $35.76 billion.Though its price declined significantly in late 2018, we’ll show you why Activision Blizzard stock is a great stock buy and we’ll show you how to […]

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4 Stocks to Buy That Are Surging After Earnings

Wall Street was agog at big earnings out of the technology sector on Friday morning, with Google parent Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOGL,NASDAQ:GOOG) posting its largest opening surge in years in the wake of solid earnings numbers. Alphabet isn’t alone, however, with a number of popular stocks to buy pushing higher thanks to better-than-expected quarterly results.We are getting […]

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Micron Stock Is Headed to $56

I recently wrote about going long Micron (NASDAQ:MU) stock, and it has since rallied more than 45%, so it paid very well. When I get this much profits this fast, I usually book most if not all of them.This is not the same as saying to short the stock — it’s just the right thing […]

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How Ford Will Eat Tesla’s Lunch in the Next Two Years

No automaker has managed to make money manufacturing and selling electric cars yet. In fact, electric-car giant Tesla has been the prime example of what happens when you try to sell a product that’s so expensive to manufacture that you have to price it at below-cost to post unit growth.Tesla sold 245,000 cars in 2018 […]

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When Wall Street Analysts (Seemingly) Get It Right

Something NewFour professors wondered, “Are Analyst Trade Ideas Valuable?” To their pleasure–because null results don’t attract readers–they found the answer to be “Yes.” Wall Street’s stock-trade suggestions have indeed been insightful. Overall, Wall Street’s buy announcements outperformed the norm, by a significant and meaningful amount, while its sell reports trailed by an even larger amount. (The […]

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Five Reasons Why Selling Big Winners Can Be A Big Mistake For Investors

In our last column we discussed why it is so hard to hang onto a big stock winner you may have, and the forces that conspire to try to get you to sell your winners. This week, we will give you five solid reasons why you should not sell your big winners, and should perhaps […]

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Heading Into Earnings, Coca Cola Stock Is a Buy on the Next 5% Dip

It doesn’t get much more American than Coca-Cola (NYSE:KO) company. And if you’ve owned the Coca Cola stock since the 1990’s then you’re up 1200%. But perception is that KO stock is a boring stock to own — but clearly the scoreboard proves otherwise.KO is at all-time highs going into its earnings report next week. […]

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A New Way to Make Money in Marijuana Stocks

Time flies when you’re having fun. It also flies when you’re making a lot of money.10 years ago I went against conventional wisdom and said on CNN that long-term investors needed to be buying stocks. I didn’t know the market would bottom that very day, but it turned out to be one of my best calls. […]

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3 Penny Stocks Robinhood Investors Are Making Money With

The possibility of making money with penny stocks from a move of a few dollars makes penny stocks very attractive. This goes for the investment for scores of investors. However, actually profiting from a penny stock is a trickier task than just hitting buy and then hitting sell. The investor needs to be able to […]

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The 5 Most Shorted Dow Stocks

It takes a certain kind of courage to short sell blue chips, such as the Dow Jones industrial average components. Short sellers are betting on these companies to fail, or at least for their share prices to fall handily. Plus, those sellers are responsible for paying the dividends on the stocks they short.Maybe it is […]

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