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Buy 3M for Its Dividend and Becoming ‘Too Cheap to Ignore’

3M is a component of the Dow Jones Industrial Average that has lagged all year on pressure from Chinese tariffs. My call is to buy the stock below its monthly pivot at $170 down to its 2019 low of $159.32 to lock in its dividend yield at 3.41%.3M qualifies to be a “Dog of the […]

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3 Reasons Roku Stock Is Still a Buy — Even After Soaring 240% So Far This Year

When any stock price rises more than 150% in a year, it’s easy to wonder if it’s jumped too far, too fast. If that increase is more than 240% in less than six months, investors might understandably think the stock is no longer a buy.That latter scenario is exactly the case for streaming pioneer Roku (NASDAQ:ROKU) this […]

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3 Different Ways for Newcomers to Buy S&P 500 Stocks

If you’re new to investing, one of the best ways you can dip your toe into the water is to buy a mutual fund or exchange-traded fund (ETF) that invests in all 505 of the S&P 500’s stocks.Your first question: What is the S&P 500? Your second question: How come there are 505 stocks, not 500? […]

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5 Contrarian Dividend Stocks to Buy With the Market Fully Valued

Depending on which financial pundit you listen to, the market is either fully valued or very close to it, especially if you factor in rate cuts that are looking ever more likely. Only there is one big problem: The Federal Reserve waited way too long to raise rates this cycle, and with federal funds at […]

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5 High-Beta & Momentum Stocks to Buy Right Now

U.S. stocks seem to have shrugged off all uncertainties regarding nagging trade tensions between the United States and China. The one-month-long trade tantrums of the United States (first with China and then with Mexico) have eased as Fed Chair Powell hinted a possible rate cut to keep economic expansion going.Like several analysts and economists, we […]

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The Best Dividend Stocks To Buy In June

SummaryUS threats to impose 25% tariffs on all Mexican imports by October 1st have caused the S&P 500 to pull back 6.7% from its May 3rd all-time high.Rising recession risks have many fearing a correction, or outright bear market. It’s more important than ever to focus on high-quality, undervalued dividend stocks.This weekly watchlist series offers […]

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3 Small-Cap Stocks With Big-Cap Potential

Every investor knows that if you want to find stocks with big growth ahead, you have to start small. Small-cap stocks, generally defined as companies valued at between $300 million and $2 billion, often have the greatest potential to deliver monster returns. These companies are big enough to have proven their legitimacy, but also still […]

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These 7 Dividend Stocks “Never Go Down” And Pay 6% Today

Where’s the market going from here? Well, if you own these seven “never go down” dividend payers, you probably don’t care.My readers are often asking for safe income ideas. For stocks that pay dividends and never drop in price. It’s a very difficult task, but not quiteimpossible.For most long-term investors who want big dividends–I’m talking 6%, 7% […]

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3 High-Yield Stocks at Rock-Bottom Prices

Stocks that pay large dividends aren’t necessarily the best bets for investors over the long term. A high yield can be a sign that an underlying business is no longer stable and investors are expecting a dividend cut in the future. However, some high dividend yields are the result of the market not appreciating a stock’s […]

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What’s the Right Time to Sell your Invested Stocks?

Investment is an important means to earn a reasonable amount of money by just studying the company’s performance and betting on its stocks. Once you have a stake in the high-yielding company, your portfolio gets flooded with dividends and profits this is a common perception of investors who begin trading in stocks. However, there is […]

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