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AMD: Good News And Bad

Shares of chipmaker Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) have had a decent rally since the company reported Q4 results last week. While the report wasn’t a home run by any stretch of the imagination, it wasn’t the disaster we’ve seen with a number of others in the space. Unfortunately, the rally took a small pause on […]

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Sentiment Speaks: Can Bitcoin Reach $65,000 By 2021?

It would seem that cryptocurrency investors now have a lot in common with gold investors. Whereas gold has seen a prolonged pullback from 2011 to 2015, cryptocurrency investors have seen the same type of pullback, but over a shorter period of time. But we all have seen how the cryptocurrency markets move much faster than […]

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Toll Brothers Still Has 15-20% Upside In A Boring Housing Market

Toll Brothers’ (TOL) share price declined 33% in 2018, despite beating analyst estimates consistently throughout the year. The primary reason behind this downturn is the pessimistic outlook of the housing market in the United States. On the back of 4 Fed rate hikes in 2018, Toll Brothers has taken a hit in its order flow as […]

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REIT ETFs That Can Help You Sleep Well At Night

Since 1990, the Toronto Stock Exchange has featured a nifty little investment vehicle called an exchange-traded fund or ETF.Combining the (theoretical) safety of a mutual fund with the everyman tradability of a stock, the idea proved to be a popular one. With good reason too. It was like the market equivalent of a multivitamin. Instead […]

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3 Deep Value Dividend Stocks With Strong Market-Beating Potential

My new Deep Value Dividend Growth Portfolio or DVDGP (beating the market by 10% so far) is all about investing in quality dividend payers, at good to great prices, opportunistically when the market becomes extremely bearish on quality income producing assets.While the portfolio’s strategy is inherently contrarian, we tend to stick to blue-chip low-risk stocks […]

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GE: Undervalued By About $68 Billion

SummaryGE’s had a rough couple of years, declining by a staggering 78% from its peak in early 2017 to its bottom last December.However, the company’s incoming CEO and the company’s recent earnings report suggest the worst is likely behind GE.The company seems intent on sticking to its plan, strengthening its balance sheet, and improving core […]

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To Chase Or Not To Chase The Rally?

SummaryWe argue for a carefully balanced investment approach as global risk assets have bounced back from the late 2018 selloff.The Federal Reserve’s dovish messaging helped lift stocks. U.S. government bond yields hit nearly one-month lows before reversing.Markets will look at the extent of any rebound in this week’s German manufacturing data to help gauge the […]

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Netflix Shrugging Off The New Competition – It Has Further Upside

The video streaming industry can easily be described as a crowded space with established incumbents such as Netflix (NFLX), Amazon (AMZN) Video, Hulu, and YouTube being challenged by infiltrators like AT&T (T) and Disney (DIS). The competitive landscape seemed to be quite predictable with just the incumbents, and sure the dynamics of the industry have […]

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I Am Not In The Yield Chasing Business, Are You?

These days, there are too many sucker yields being touted: those investment opportunities that lounge outside of moneymaking alleys, looking oh-so cool.They’re edgy. They’re independent. And they scream sex appeal, promising lives of luxury should you follow their lead.How’s a wide-eyed, profit-seeking investor supposed to say no to that kind of deal?Sure, your mama warned […]

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You Are Going To Have Too Much Money

Dividend growth investors sure feel like they have it all worked out. While volatile, roiling, go-nowhere markets leave most investors feeling like spawning salmon trying to swim upstream, the dividend growth crowd seems to be coasting along, riding their inflatable rubber duckies as they sip pina coladas, trailing their toes absentmindedly in the water as […]

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