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S&P 500 Profits In 2019

With the majority of corporations having reported, Standard & Poor’s is estimating profits will be $155.56 per share for the full year. Some believe that when the earnings season is complete, profits will be at about $160 per share. At any rate, the $155 represents a 20% increase from 2017, reflecting strong economic growth and […]

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Aurora Cannabis: Flooding 2 Markets

The market has constantly ignored the flood of supply coming into the cannabis industry despite my constant alarm bells. While Aurora Cannabis (ACB) is focused on flooding the market with new supply, the stock market is in the process of being flooded with new shares. The combined supply additions are a big reason that the […]

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AT&T’s High Dividend Yield Screams Of Trouble

AT&T Inc.’s (T) stock has fallen 15% over the past year, and the outlook for the shares looks dire now. The company reported poor fourth quarter results that showed subscriber declines in its DirecTV and DirecTV Now units. Meanwhile, revenue in its newly acquired Time Warner division is struggling.The stock’s dividend yield of 6.5% screams […]

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The Best Dividend Stocks To Buy Ahead Of A Trade Deal

Why Valuation MattersEven the best companies can make terrible investments if you overpay. A Yale study looking at market returns from 1881 to 2016 found that starting P/E ratio had a significant effect on total returns out to 30 years. In other words, buy-and-hold investors can’t just blindly buy great companies at any price but […]

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Crown Castle: Billionaire Bill Gates Quietly Buying This Top Dividend Stock

When Bill Gates makes a move, people take notice.Gates struck it rich during the software revolution. As the founder and main force behind Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), he built a fortune worth of over $86.0 billion.Today, the tech entrepreneur owns a sprawling investment empire through his charity The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. In recent years, Gates […]

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Nvidia: These Numbers Aren’t Good

After the bell on Thursday, shares of chip company Nvidia (NVDA) rallied strongly after the company reported fiscal fourth-quarter results. While it appears that the market sees this report as not being as bad as it could have been given prior warnings, the stock already has surged a bit from its recent lows. After looking […]

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Cisco Systems Impresses

Free cash flow cow and technology giant Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CSCO) just reported earnings for the second quarter of its 2019 fiscal year that clearly caught the attention of Wall Street, with the market bidding its shares up by almost 2% on Thursday. Decent sales growth combined with rising gross and operating margins indicates Cisco […]

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Dividend Cut, What Do I Do?

SummaryA dividend cut is the worst things that could happen to a dividend investor.If the dividend cut surprises the market, the stock drop will be immediate.I always prefer to remain cautious and never invest more than 20-25% of my portfolio in a single sector.A dividend cut is the worst things that could happen to a […]

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The Best Dividend Stocks You Can Buy Today

IntroductionAs I explained in my portfolio update 63, I’m now focused on paying down margin and thus won’t be making changes to my real money portfolio for the foreseeable future. In fact, I’ve now realized the wisdom of Buffett’s warning against using margin.My partner Charlie says there is only three ways a smart person can go […]

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Boeing: Time To Ring The Register On This Great Company

Analysis Context and DisclosureSemi-annually I cycle through the stocks in my investing universe and update my intrinsic valuation each company. It is now time for the Boeing Company (BA) to be updated.I have been a Boeing shareholder since July 2013. Needless to say the investment has been fantastic with the only regret being that I […]

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