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Is Dollar General The Best Dividend Stock To Own In A Recession?

Fears of slowing global economic growth have spooked investors. With the S&P 500 Index down about 2% year-to-date, it might be time for investors to prepare their portfolios for a recession. If the economy enters a downturn, investors should take a closer look at the types of stocks that stand to outperform.Deep-discount retail is an […]

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The Best Performing Wall Street Analysts of 2018 like Nvidia and These Hidden Gems for Next Year

Stuck for stock inspiration? Look no further. These are some of the best-performing analysts of 2018, and here are a few of the names they are betting on for 2019.With volatility showing every sign of continuing into 2019, it could make sense to follow the advice of analysts with a proven track record of success. […]

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When to Sell a Stock? Often, the Answer Is There for You to See

Sharp corrections witnessed in the country’s stock market in Sept-Oct-18 raised a question for those who follow the principles of investing for the long term. They saw individual stocks fall 20- 40 per cent from their recent highs, and wondered whether they should have sold in better times to raise cash, then re-entered the market […]

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General Motors: If We Skip The Noise & Just Look At The Price Charts

Many analysts in the business media are offering opinions about the decision by General Motors CEO Mary Barra to close plants and send workers to unemployment lines. President Trump’s criticism of the actions makes for volatile daily price moves — he’d campaigned on a promise to keep car plants such as these open. His “promises […]

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Are You Ready To Pay 25% For Foreign?

The U.S. Commerce Department has submitted draft recommendations to the White House on its investigation into whether to impose tariffs of up to 25 percent on imported cars and parts on national security grounds, two administration officials said.The “Section 232” recommendations on ensuring a healthy U.S. auto industry are undergoing an interagency review process and […]

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Are You Making These Mistakes With Your Options Trading?

Are you an intermediate to advanced trader who wants to make more money trading?Does it sometimes feel as if trading options is like rolling the dice? Would you like to learn how to use a more reliable system to turn the odds back in your favor? If so, then we’ve got good news and bad news. The bad […]

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America Has Decided

Come January, Donald J. Trump will be inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States. This is the first step towards a New World Order. Control of the Presidency, the House, the Senate and 74% of State Legislatures are now under the control of the Republican party – for the first time in a […]

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The Best Ways To Benefit From Market Volatility?

Headline: Here’s How Market Volatility CAN be Beneficial for you! Winning Over Market Volatility Using These Tools. Take the Driver’s Seat during Market Volatility to Win Trades and YOUR Success. What does The Dakar Rally have to do with Market Volatility and Winning Trades? BODY Are you a trader who’s experienced the bad side of volatility? Do you feel like you’re RIGHT […]

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3 Steps For Collecting a Monthly Trading Paycheck…(retirement included!)

Would you like to collect a weekly ‘paycheck’ of up to $431.39 by making a few simple trades? If you’re like many investors, I’m sure the answer is an unequivocal ‘YES!’… In fact, that’s the reality for many investors across America. They’re using this technique to top up their retirement pot by up to $22,432.28 every year! Take Michael […]

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