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British Media Reporting London Bridge Attacks as 'Crude' Team of Lone Wolves


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Aren’t you glad to have that giant ocean between you and the nutjobs in Europe?

Three men mowed people down and exited their clowncar on the London Bridge and began knifing people to death — screaming ‘this is for Allah” — and the British media is reporting this as a ‘team’ of lone wolves committing a rather crude, yet heinous, act of terror on the British people. The fellow in the beginning of this clip was rather impressed by the ‘rapid’ response by the British police, only taking 8 fucking minutes to arrive at the scene, where 6 people were murdered, 30 injured.

Multiculturalism is necessary, so that banks can issue credit cards and student loans. Anyone who views this attack as some sort of depraved Islamic orgy of human sacrifice isn’t seeing the profit opportunity of having these pavement apes man factory machinery and bankrupt themselves under a mountain of 35% yielding plastic card bank debt.

Eyewitness accounts

“3 men of Mediterranean colouring”


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