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An Important Message from us to YOU.

Insight like this rarely ever leaks outside the inner circles of the U.S. financial and political elite. It’s as jealously guarded as the missing 18 minutes of the Nixon Watergate tapes.

That’s why this message is so important.

John Thomas – the “Mad Hedge Fund Trader” – is the definition of an insider.

He helped found the hedge fund industry with George Soros, Paul Tudor Jones and David Tepper. Each of the last six U.S. presidents has counted on him for advice and counsel.

Even former CIA Director David Petraeus has relied on his expertise.

Over the last 3 months, his portfolio is up 63%!


Now – with Trump having pulled off a shock electoral college victory – he’s releasing what is perhaps his most critical forecast yet. You need to hear this…

Watch John’s Emergency Briefing Now— Click Here

On this one time only webinar event – John is spilling the beans. He reveals precisely how the pieces on the global economic chessboard will move over the next 6 months.

Which sectors will melt up or melt down? You’ll find out.

You’ll discover exactly how to play the coming $1 trillion U.S. infrastructure overhaul. Which companies stand to pop by 5x… 10x… or even more in the “rebuild bonanza.”

John will give you his 12 stock picks for the Trump era…

One for each of the major sectors that are poised to explode!

He’ll also reveal the 12 “Big Shorts” he sees tanking over the next 4 years…

Some of the names on that list have been investor darlings since their IPO. You’ll be shocked to hear why and how they’ll melt down before your eyes…

No one else is talking about this play. You’ll only hear about it from John.

This emergency briefing is a blueprint for what will happen as America transitions to a Trump presidency. You do NOT want to take any trades until you’ve watched.

Register For The Emergency Webinar Immediately–Click Here.

For obvious reasons – John is a busy man. Now more than ever, his crystal clear vision is in high demand the world over. That’s why this webinar will ONLY happen once.

This email is the final time you’ll hear about it.

If you’re comfortable being sucker punched by events over the next few months as America chooses her next President – by all means, ignore this urgent warning.

But if you want to stay ahead of the curve – if you want to be amongst those profiting as the election unfolds – you need to register for the webinar before it fills up.

Secure Your Emergency Briefing Before It’s Too Late–Click Here.

Seats are already filling fast. Depending on when you read this email, you might already be out of luck. So don’t hesitate – lock in this vital intelligence immediately.


Good Trading,

Editor / TradingYourOwnWay

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