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Trading  | June 25, 2018

Authored by Shelley Kasil via GGI News,

How Aadhaar would be used for real-time assassination in future via “targeted delivery” of Hellfire missile from a Predator drone stalking you until death based on a glitch…

The United Nations considers one nation abducting the citizens of another a crime against humanity. But that don’t stop the US government from sponsoring abduction and extrajudicial transfer of person to CIA Black Sites with our without the consent of concerned countries. For participating in this extraordinary rendition nations like Poland were given $15 million, but alas in turn it had to pay $250,000 to their torture victims.

Owing to massive public outcry and even several movies made over this controversial CIA practice of Rendition, it was largely shutdown by the Obama administration; who now were focusing their energies in devising innovative ways to dispose off their enemies nominated for killing at the weekly counter-terrorism meeting in the White House situation room that known as Terror Tuesday.

What the ingenious chaps came up with was the “disposition matrix” – a complex grid of suspected terrorists to be traced then targeted in drone strikes or captured and interrogated known as Obama’s Secret Kill list; in collaboration with British spies. Now this in itself isn’t a big deal. Every agency maintains a secret kill list of their favorite jerks to fry. The innovation here was that this list was synced with SKYNET. Yes, you heard that right. If you think its just a science fiction Terminator quack, think again.

SKYNET is a U.S. National Security Agency program that performs machine learning analysis on communications data to extract information about possible terror suspects. In other words its a Terminator style assassination by a relentless robotic drone that would kill everything to get at you. Its a program that analyzes location and communication data (or “metadata”) from bulk call records in order to detect suspicious patterns.

So how does this SKYNET and the secret kill list work in real-time you ask? Let us give you a real life example of Bilal Abdul Kareem – an American journalist and documentary filmmaker who has been put on this list and is being hunted by those terminator drones. Why? Well, thats a clincher.

Bilal has been covering the ‘open warfare’ on Syrians from ground zero earning him a reputation of a unique voice covering war from rebel-held areas (believed to be supported by the west) that other Western journalists have fled for fear of kidnapping and beheading. Hated by Americans, even Syrians and Russians alike Bilal has been branded as a spokesperson of the terrorists by them all for bringing to the western audience what exactly was going on at the heart of the battlefield.

There are numerous such cases like Bilal, stalked by US Terminator drones from SKYNET. One such is Malik Jalal a tribal elder from Pakistan, one of the leaders of the North Waziristan Peace Committee who revealed what it feels like to be hunted by drones:

I am in the strange position of knowing that I am on the ‘Kill List’. I know this because I have been told, and I know because I have been targeted for death over and over again. Four times missiles have been fired at me. I am extraordinarily fortunate to be alive.

I don’t want to end up a “Bugsplat” – the ugly word that is used for what remains of a human being after being blown up by a Hellfire missile fired from a Predator drone. More importantly, I don’t want my family to become victims, or even to live with the droning engines overhead, knowing that at any moment they could be vaporized. Friends decline my invitations and I have taken to sleeping outside under the trees, to avoid becoming a magnet of death for my family

Another case is that of Al Jazeera’s Islamabad bureau chief Ahmad Muaffaq Zaidan who was also put on SKYNET’s kill list. Now what is interesting to note here is how these journalists got to be designated as “terrorists” and popped up on NSA’s kill list. It is here that things get real spooky.

As former NSA director Michael Hayden famously said “we kill people based on metadata,” which flagged these journalists just based on their proximity to the terror sites; the algorithm unable to differentiate between a journalist interviewing a terrorist. The supposed ‘infallible genius’ of American National Security Inc’s artificial intelligence algorithm SKYNET maintains a Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment (TIDE) database of over one million names suspected of a connection to terrorism.

SKYNET’s classification algorithm analyses the metadata and ground truths, and then produces a score for each individual based on their metadata. The objective is to assign high scores to real terrorists and low scores to the rest of the innocent population. But how accurate really is this algorithm?

The NSA evaluates the SKYNET program using a subset of 100,000 randomly selected people (identified by their MSIDN/MSI pairs of their mobile phones), and a a known group of seven terrorists. The NSA then trained the learning algorithm by feeding it six of the terrorists and tasking SKYNET to find the seventh. This data provides the percentages for false positives.

Patrick Ball – a data scientist and the director of research at the Human Rights Data Analysis Group  -who has previously given expert testimony before war crimes tribunals, described the NSA’s methods as “ridiculously optimistic” and “completely bullshit.” A flaw in how the NSA trains SKYNET’s machine learning algorithm to analyse cellular metadata makes the results scientifically unsound.

If 50 percent of the false negatives (actual “terrorists”) are allowed to survive, the NSA’s false positive rate of 0.18 percent would still mean thousands of innocents misclassified as “terrorists” and potentially killed. Even the NSA’s most optimistic result, the 0.008 percent false positive rate, would still result in many innocent people dying. A false positive rate of 0.18 percent across 55 million people would mean 99,000 innocents mislabelled as “terrorists”.

What this means is that every single person on that TIDE kill list is being targeted just based on a secret SKYNET algorithm which has a 0.008% false positive rate, killing thousands of innocents based just on some metadata. This is called Death by Glitch. So what does all these have to do with Aadhaar, you ask?

What most Indians don’t know is that the extent of NSA’s surveillance of Indian communication traffic is greater than its electronic snooping in China, Russia, Iran and Saudi Arabia combined. This Western world’s most closely guarded secret has its roots in the spy network laid by the intelligence officers of the British Empire.

It was East India Company philosopher Jeremy Bentham who dreamed up the idea of a central surveillance prison Panopticon on insistence of Mountbatten from which emerged the Five Eyes program on which this hi-tech modern surveillance programs are modeled and Aadhaar is just a part of it.

This colonial Five Eyes network aka Project Echelon created to spy on colonies like India which has since been expanded in its scope, intercepts strategic piece of information from India with Govt’s consent itself. Yes. India is OFFICIALLY a junior partner in the Empire. Go figure.

Why is it than, that the Directors of CIA, FBI & Homeland Security who were also the directors of the companies L1 & Morpho now Safran were contracted by UIDAI for Aadhaar project? Did you know under the Patriot Act they oversee the flow of data from its clients like UIDAI to the US govt?

Now Aadhaar in itself is just a number. But when you link it with every possible thing connected to you, now thats a master key. Thats one of the strategic objective of NSA realized through Aadhaar – to create a 360 degree profiling of each and every individual at any given time.

For SKYNET to work it needs all your data – travel, communications, social media content, contacts, medical history, shopping preferences, relationships status, related data and metadata, etc. which than is fed into the secret algorithm that may or may not identify you as a terrorist based on its efficiency which is less than 1%.

The US Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) gives US National Security Agency authority to spy over Indian servers, infrastructure or anything of value they deem fit. For the purpose data is provided to NSA by US companies operating in India many directly contracted by Indian government like in case of Aadhaar.

To understand how NSA is tracking you – top directors refer to it as “whole life” strategy by integrating biometric data, like voice-prints, with biographic information, like social networks & personal history – Aadhaar, Facebook, Amazon, Airtel, Gmail, etc. all is fed into SKYNET.

In US NSA’s own words “its all about locating tracking and maintaining continuity on individuals across space and time. It’s not just traditional communications we’re after. It’s ‘full arsenal’ approach”. And Indian agencies and policymakers are oblivious to this Real-Time Regional Gateway that they’ve opened in the name of Digital India.

Once this information is fed into SKYNET’s secret algorithm it may or not identify you as a terrorist based on its less than 1% efficiency and you will be eligible for “targeted delivery” of Hellfire missile from a Predator drone if you’re Afghanistan. But this could well happen in India as well.

NSA has a super spy software APPARITION in its New Delhi spyhub codename DAISY that pinpoints locations of people accessing Internet across sensitive locations. Subsequent actionable intelligence may lead to sending lethal Reaper drones to eliminate the target.

But of course India isn’t a war zone (yet), but nor was Iraq, Libya, Lebanon, Yemen, Syria, Bangladesh, Philippines before one of their leaders tried to get their country out of the Anglo-American orbit. It is naive to think that these tactics wont be/are not being used against India.

But there is a big catch to all of this. This entire operation is dependent on the efficiency of the secret SKYNET algorithm which is less than 1%. Now combine that with UIDAI’s Aadhaar efficiency which has a false positive identification rate of 0.057%. So what does that mean exactly?

When a false positive arises, it has to be investigated by a team of human beings. It can’t be resolved by computer. How many false positives should India expect?

In the Results section of their report UIDAI define FPIR, the false positive identification rate, and they say “we will look at the point where the FPIR (i.e. the possibility that a person is mistaken to be a different person) is 0.0025 %”. At that point, UIDAI would get 2½ false positives on average for every 100,000 comparisons.

Given that UIDAI have to make 7.2 x 1017 comparisons, how many false positives should they expect? Answer: (7.2 x 1017) x (2.5 x 10-5) = 1.8 x 1013. That’s 18,000,000,000,000 false positives for people to investigate and resolve.

To prove Aadhaar based uniqueness, every single Indian would have to investigate and resolve 15,000 false positives. Long before they had finished, many of them would be dead, many more Indians would have been born, and the task would remain incomplete. Using UIDAI’s own figures, India can be confident that the proof of uniqueness is not achievable. Not in the real world. And before that happens Aadhaar would itself drown in a sea of false positives.

What this means is that for every individual on SKYNET’s kill list there will be an N number of casualties before the actual targeted person is eliminated (considering that the system identified a terrorist correctly instead of journalists, activities, protesters in proximity). Because of too much dependency on this so called ‘infallible genius’ of American Artificial Intelligence tech SKYNET, a lot of innocent people have lost their lives, identified incorrectly or in drone strikes for which entire American Intelligence community and the President of United States of America himself has been dragged to the Federal court.

This is the future that the Indian policymakers have envisioned for you in the name of Digital India built on borrowed technology from spy agencies compromising our national sovereignty.

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