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A Gaunt Tommy Robinson Recounts Horrible UK Prison Experience

Tommy Robinson told Fox News‘ Tucker Carlson about the conditions he suffered in a UK jail after his May 25th arrest and imprisonment for contempt of court. Robinson was taken into custody while filming and broadcasting from outside a pedophile grooming trial over Facebook Live. 

The UK activist, whose real name is Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon, was released on bail Wednesday after three London judges ordered him retried on the contempt charge, citing in part the mere five hours between his arrest and imprisonment by a smirking Judge Geoffrey Marson QC. 

Once a judge heard what happened in the trial, we found so many illegal and wrongdoings within this kangaroo court that then it took another two weeks before I was freed. -Tommy Robinson

Robinson says that after being initially housed in a prison with a low Muslim population of just 7 percent, he was transferred to another prison with the largest Muslim population in the UK, and housed directly across from the mosque. Robinson tells Tucker: “What I’m known for is criticizing Islam, so there’s been many planned attempts to murder me and kill me in this country.” 

He said he was placed in solitary confinement where he spent “two months not seeing or speaking to anybody,” during which he lost 40 pounds from a diet of “one tin of tuna and a piece of fruit a day.” 

I was supposed to be in Her Majesty’s prison service, not Guantanamo Bay. I couldn’t open my windows because I have excrement and spit put through them. I believe this whole piece – and, Tucker, this isn’t the first

So, every prisoner would walk past my cell window. Everyone, as they walk out. So, when my windows were open, every prisoner is walking past. But the mosque for the prison was directly opposite my cell. -Tommy Robinson

Robinson said he had to close his window amid sweltering heat spells to avoid all the excrement and spit flying into his cell from passersby. 

He also said, reluctantly, also admitted that he was diagnosed with a form of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) which he has never spoken about publicly “because I don’t want to insult members of the military who have witnessed war to try and compare to being locked in a cell in solitary confinement.” 

Robinson also describes his arrest, and claims his lawyer (solicitor) has evidence that authorities said he was being released – only to be jailed hours later: 

CARLSON: I just want our viewers to understand why this happened to you in the first place. You went to prison in a supposedly free country for expressing unfashionable opinions in public. 

ROBINSON: There was a court case going on where 29 people were in court for gang raping up to 100 young children. 

Now, I stood outside of the court and I spoke. And all I had done was read a BBC news article, a BBC news article that is still online now for millions of people to see. And I was taken.

And everyone would I watch the video. They said for a breach of the peace. They transported me to a police custody. And then, my solicitor contacted the police custody. Then, they emailed my solicitor. So, the solicitor has this email, saying I was being released.

Then they took me in a van back to the court through the back door. They put me up before a judge. And the media reports have said that I pled guilty. At no point was I even asked whether I was guilty or not guilty.


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