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3 Steps For Collecting a Monthly Trading Paycheck…(retirement included!)

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Would you like to collect a weekly ‘paycheck’ of up to $431.39 by making a few simple trades?

If you’re like many investors, I’m sure the answer is an unequivocal ‘YES!’…

In fact, that’s the reality for many investors across America.

They’re using this technique to top up their retirement pot by up to $22,432.28 every year!

Take Michael Shulman.

He’s a published author and investor of 30 years.  Just recently he’s been telling the world about
this simple technique… He says “It’s how I put my two sons through college, and I’m proud to say
they’re graduating this year”.

Editor’s Note:  Michael has just released his free guide to collecting weekly ‘paychecks
with a few simple trades per month.  It’s a must-read. Click here to download it.

We asked Michael if he could show us proof and let us take a peek at some recent trades.
We were stunned… Weekly ‘paychecks’ of $600, $381 and $300… [Caption: Regular payments with a few simple trades a month. Click here to start collecting your ‘paychecks’.] He sums it up in three simple steps…

Step 1:  Sell low-risk weekly options… “More than eighty percent of all options expire worthless,
more so with weekly options, putting the seller is in the driver’s seat.” That means you’re winning
more than 8 out of every 10 trades!

Step 2:  Wait for 2-8 days… “Options are introduced on Thursday and they expire 8 days later on
the following Friday after the market close.”  You can buy at anytime Thursday through to the
following Friday, giving you plenty of time to make your trades.

Step 3:  Cash in! Once the option contract expires, you’ve locked in your weekly ‘paycheck’.  

And as Michael says, “you’ll love weekly options because we get 52 paydays every year”.

That’s it!

Now Michael has begun teaching this technique to investors across America!  And one of his
students, Norman M, couldn’t be happier…“I’ve made 97 trades.  96 have been profitable.  Thank you!”

Instead of keeping this technique to himself, Michael has created a free step-by-step report,
showing you exactly how to profit from this technique.

It’s called ‘Strategy Guide: Selling Weekly Options’. 

And he’d like you to download it FREE here.

If you want to use Michael’s technique and start topping up your retirement pot with weekly
‘paychecks’, start by downloading his free report here.

P.S.  In just 20 minutes from now, you’ll know the exact steps you need to take to collect
your weekly ‘paycheck’ of up to $431.39. Download your free step-by-step guide here.