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Archive Monthly Archives: September 2020

7 Best-Performing Stocks to Buy In 4 ProShares ETFs

The stock market in 2020 has been very stressful, to put it mildly. No one was expecting the year that we would have. We’ve seen precipitous drops followed by mind-boggling gains. And the following four ProShares exchange-traded funds exemplify the year’s strongest themes. Their holdings, too, sport some of the best stocks to buy now […]

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A Foreboding Outlook For The U.S. Stock Market In The Decade Of The 2020s

I have in the past forecast stock market returns using a formula that is, in fact, a tautology – which Webster defines as a statement that is true by virtue of its logical form alone. That formula is shown in the following picture.My challenge in the past has been estimating “P/E Expansion/Contraction.” I’ve made the […]

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Why I Wouldn’t Buy United Airlines Stock Right Now

Like its peers, United Airlines (NASDAQ:UAL) stock hasn’t performed well this year. However, UAL stock and the shares of the other major airlines have bounced off their lows and continue to trade sideways.It’s like the group is just waiting for some bit of good news to jolt the stocks higher. Just based on their price action, […]

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9 International Companies to Invest In Amid the Chaos

Following the initial devastation of the novel coronavirus, several stocks, including those with unfavorable outlooks, soared. But recently, benchmark indices, even those levered to the extremely hot technology sector, started to print red ink. As a result, many have gone to the sidelines. However, intrepid buyers may want to consider international companies to invest in. Why? […]

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10 Growth Stocks That Crashed Despite Strong Earnings

Suddenly, valuation concerns have returned to a market that less two weeks ago was roaring to new all-time highs. That’s bad news for growth stocks. The tech-heavy NASDAQ Composite has declined an even 10% over the past six trading days. The index’s most dearly-valued stocks generally have fared even worse. The selling appears driven by valuation. After all, there’s […]

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The Latest Correction Makes Square Stock a Good Buy for the Long Haul

I came across a recent article about Square (NYSE:SQ) that said SQ stock gained 23% in August. If you’ve owned the fintech for a lengthy period, you’re probably familiar with this sort of monthly gain. The recent correction of tech stocks has Square’s share price down 9.6% in September through the first six days of trading. If you’re […]

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3 Penny Stocks That Are Ready to Take Off

Fueled by the government stimulus, most major stock market indexes in the U.S are now green, making it a great time to buy penny stocks. While companies that trade below the $5 mark often get a bad rep, there are gains to be made if you make the right investment decisions. With a little due diligence […]

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An Analyst Hates General Electric Stock, so Contrarians Should Love It

With the arrival of CEO Larry Culp, some investors hoped that General Electric (NYSE:GE) would have another chance at a turnaround after several rough years. It hasn’t been an easy time for Culp and for GE stock holders, especially with the novel coronavirus pandemic impacting the economy in 2020.Credit must be given to loyal GE shareholders […]

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Nvidia’s RTX 30 Launch Is a Positive Game-Changer

Although it is cliché to call a major product release a game-changer, Nvidia’s (NASDAQ:NVDA) RTX 30 Ampere is just that. The architectural refresh solidifies the company’s dominance in the graphics card (GPU) space. Advanced Micro Devices (NASDAQ:AMD) cannot afford to ignore its competition. AMD’s Navi is falling further behind. Investors should ask how might RTX 30 […]

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9 Robinhood Stocks Flying Under the Radar

Prior to the novel coronavirus pandemic, many financial experts bemoaned that young people were not investing in the stock market. According to a Gallup poll in 2018, less than half of young Americans put their money into equities. Researchers pointed to the psychological impact of the 2008 crash as one explanation. However, with the Covid-19 crisis came […]

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