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Archive Monthly Archives: June 2020

Despite Second-Wave Fears, Buy JetBlue Stock on Weakness

What’s next for JetBlue (NASDAQ:JBLU) stock? Like the company’s rivals, its shares soared earlier this month, as investors placed their bets on a comeback by the airlines. But, as novel coronavirus cases have started to surge again, JetBlue’s shares are starting to pull back.In short, we could soon be back to square one with the virus, […]

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If You Own Apple (AAPL) Stock, Should You Sell It Now?

If you are looking for the best ideas for your portfolio you may want to consider some of Wedgewood Partners top stock picks. Wedgewood Partners, an investment management firm, reduced its exposure to Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) stock. In its Q4 2019 investor letter the firm discussed its investment thesis on Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) stock. Apple […]

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Sins Of Omission

With markets extremely difficult and volatile as we work through COVID-19, we thought it would be good to review important parts of our investment discipline. One way to do that is to consider stocks we found via our eight criteria for stock selection and did not keep long enough to get to their ultimate rewards.Buffett’s […]

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Avoid “Stock Scams” Like Nikola and Hertz

Recently we’ve seen certain stocks soar sky-high despite little to no fundamentals to support the surge in prices. A few weeks ago, the 29 stocks in the Russell 2000 that traded under $1 per share soared almost an average 80% in just a week. So, I figured I’d better remind you: All that glitters is […]

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3 Cruise Stocks to Buy as the World Returns to Normal

Cruise stocks have been on a wild roller-coaster ride in 2020. First, the big drop. Then, the big rebound. Most recently, another big drop, on fears that a “second wave” of the novel coronavirus is emerging across the U.S. What comes next? A big and sustainable rally, meaning now is the time to buy cruise stocks. The logic is […]

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5 Stocks Trading Near 52-Week High That Can Scale Higher

Investors generally consider 52-week high as a criterion to pick stocks. This is because stocks near that level are perceived to be winners.However, given the high price, investors often wonder if the stock is overpriced. While the speculations are not absolutely baseless, all stocks hitting a 52-week high are not necessarily overpriced.In fact, investors might […]

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Pause, Before You Hit That Sell Button

Many stocks have run hard over these last couple of months. Memories tend to be short and it’s hard to believe the magnitude of the run since the low points in mid-March. While the S&P (SPY) is up almost 36% in this time, in the high quality, secular growth area of the market that I’m […]

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3 of the Best Hotel Stocks to Buy as Vacation Travel Ramps Up

2020 has been a difficulty year so far for most travel and leisure-related companies. And in the first half, among the biggest casualties of the coronavirus pandemic have been hotel stocks. By the end of March, shares in a wide range of hotels hit multi-year lows. Since then, to the delight of market participants, many travel […]

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10 Consumer Stocks to Buy to Ride the Post-Covid-19 Wave

InvestorPlace’s Louis Navellier recommended some great consumer stocks to buy back in early May. Except for Campbell Soup (NYSE:CPB), I’m totally on his side with the other six picks. They’ll all make you money over the long haul.   A little over two years ago, I picked seven consumer stocks to get excited about. I think […]

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The Top 4 Solar Stocks to Buy Now

Solar stocks are a big deal in 2020. We all know about the gutting of the oil sector. Between the drop in demand because of the novel coronavirus and self-inflicted wounds from a brutal price war, oil stocks are hurting. But something unusual is happening this year. Oil prices have been near record lows. And typically, […]

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