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Archive Monthly Archives: December 2019

Don’t Miss Out On Another Banner Year For Stocks

U.S. equities are wrapping up a banner year. The S&P 500 index is up well more than 25% but sadly many small investors bailed out too early.In 2019, the financial press was full of warnings about Trump’s tariffs, estimates of job losses instigated by Chinese retaliation, and criticism of the wisdom of his tax cuts. […]

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These Were The 5 Biggest Days For The Stock Market This Year

The US-China trade war was the biggest driver for stocks this year. Before Washington and Beijing agreed a preliminary trade deal, investors got whiplash from headlines about the tense negotiations.Anxiety about deteriorating trade relations also showed up in economic data this year, which led the Federal Reserve to cut interest rates three times this year […]

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3 Dow Jones Stocks Worth a Second Look

2019 has been a great year for stock market investors. The numbers tell the tale. The S&P 500 is up 29%, the Dow Jones average is up 22%, and the tech-heavy NASDAQ index has gained an impressive 35%. Stocks are on the rise, and it’s looking like the sky is the limit.There have been several […]

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2020 Trouble Won’t Begin With Stocks

Impeachment? Stocks don’t care. All major indexes greeted Wednesday’s historic news with a giant yawn and then promptly rallied, focusing on low interest rates and slow but steady economic growth. Stocks show little of the euphoria typical of major market tops. Stocks may be expensive, but they are not tulip bulbs – at least not […]

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Is Aphria the Best Cannabis Stock to Buy?

Marijuana stocks keep trying to carve out a bottom, but their efforts have been sketchy.After plunging in November, Aphria (NYSE:APHA), Canopy Growth (NYSE:CGC) and others have recovered meaningfully. However, that recovery is starting to wane, leaving many bulls wondering whether more new lows could be on the way.They’re trying to determine if the sector experienced a dead-cat bounce which will […]

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When Tesla Is a Buy-the-Dip Stock

Tesla (TSLA) isn’t rising much Friday, but its gains during the morning were enough to send shares to new all-time highs yet again.At this point, it’s not unlike Apple (AAPL). Both stocks continue to make new high after new high and are up more than 100% from their respective 2019 lows. Will either of them pull back?For […]

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Avoiding the 3 Pitfalls of ‘Buy & Hold’ Investing

Stocks have done exceptionally well lately, with 2019 on track to be the best performing market since 2013. But many investors remain wary of the stock market, anxious with late-cycle worries and ever-fearful of a replay of the 2008 crash. This shows up in strong money flows into cash funds, which remain significantly above the […]

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5 Bold Stock Market Predictions for 2020

We are now at the end of 2019, and what a year it has been for the stock market. A year ago, stocks could do no right. They were going through their biggest correction since 2008 amid escalating concerns that a recession was just around the corner. That recession never happened. Instead, throughout 2019, the […]

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This Is the Worst Tech Stock of 2019

This has been a rewarding year to be invested in technology stocks. The S&P 500 Information Technology index has rallied almost 48% year to date, well ahead of broader market measures, with the S&P 500 itself up about 31%. But a few companies were left out of the party: Seven stocks in the 70-member S&P […]

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What Role Should Value Stocks Play In Equity Portfolios In 2020?

One of the most salient trends for U.S. stocks in recent months has been the resurgent performance of so-called “value” stocks.During the past six months, the SPDR Portfolio S&P 500 Value ETF has gained 13%, compared to the 9.2% rise for the SPDR Portfolio S&P 500 Growth ETF ​and a 10.9% gain for the benchmark S&P 500 […]

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