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Archive Monthly Archives: July 2019

After 5 Years In The Dog House, This Energy Name Is Finally Turning A Corner, Says Technician

Stocks may be hovering around all-time highs, but there’s one area of the market that isn’t feeling the heat: energy.The sector has gained 8% this month, but it’s still on pace to end the quarter in the red, and it’s still hovering around bear market territory. By comparison, the 10 other S&P sectors are higher […]

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How To Sell Your Dividend Stocks To Increase Your Income

Some of us think holding on makes us strong, but sometimes it is letting go” – Herman HesseHerman Hesse was a German poet, novelist, and painter. He received the Nobel Prize of literature in 1946. To the best of my knowledge, he wasn’t that concerned with the stock market. However, had he approached it with […]

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