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Archive Monthly Archives: April 2019

A Foolish Take: This Popular Stock Move Has Failed Miserably

Many people find investing intimidating, and one reason is that the investment community hangs onto traditions that are designed to take what should be a simple process and instead make it more complicated. The stock market has produced strong long-term returns for investors who’ve had the tenacity to keep their money invested through good times […]

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The Best Dividend Stocks To Buy In May

SummaryThe S&P 500 is now at fresh all-time highs and trading at a slightly elevated forward PE of 16.8.With 2019 earnings growth expected to be just 3.6%, the best dividend stocks to buy in May are the ones trading at fair value or less.This weekly watchlist series is meant as a source of great dividend […]

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6 Strong Buy Stocks Top Investors Are Buying

Did you ever copy from the smart kid in class and then score straight A’s? Well, now you can replicate this savvy move with top investor trades — and make some money while you’re at it!By tracking the most popular picks of investors who consistently outperform the market, you can easily boost your own returns. […]

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2 Incredibly Cheap Value Stocks to Buy Now

With this aging bull market bumping up against its record highs, you might think that it’s flat-out impossible to find any stocks with compelling valuations right now. However, there are still a few rare gems in this overheated market that should appeal to even dyed-in-the-wool value investors.  How do you spot the best value stocks? […]

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3 Top E-Commerce Stocks to Buy Right Now

If you’re interested in growth, few trends look as attractive as e-commerce these days. Whether it involves companies that specialize in selling products exclusively online, or platform owners who support these services, digital retailing is set to deliver strong returns across many investment niches for decades to come.With that bright long-term outlook in mind, we […]

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Goldman Sachs’s 20 Best Stocks To Invest In Now

What are the best stocks to buy after a major rally and amid heightened macro risks?“We advocate three strategies for fund managers,” Goldman Sachs’s David Kostin writes in a note targeted to institutional clients. “Own (a) companies with low operating leverage (as opposed to high); (b) firms with low labor costs as a share of […]

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8 Stocks Millennials Will Power Long-Term, According to Morgan Stanley

Millennials are influencing everything these days, it seems. Morgan Stanley says their preferences should inform your stock picking. Analysts at the bank have gathered data on how and where the demographic shops, and which consumer discretionary stocks are best positioned to reap the benefits. Consumer Discretionary Stock Picking “From Gen Y, compared with the average consumer, America’s youth […]

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5 Stocks That the Smart Money Likes

Investors looking for the best stocks are wise to try to follow the smart money. From that standpoint, the portfolios of fund managers with strong track records can be fertile ground for picking stocks.After all, the best portfolio managers may have different strategies and different specialties. But those who can beat the market over time […]

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Kiplinger’s 50 Top Stocks Billionaires Love

SummaryKiplinger Today, a “daily digest of timely, trusted advice” regularly lists stocks and funds for investors online. This list of 50 Billionaire Picks curated by James Brumley appeared on 4/18/19.Brumley says, “Rich people. get richer for a reason, so it could be worthwhile to study the top stocks that billionaires and high-asset hedge-funds are plowing […]

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7 Dividend Stocks That Could Double Over the Next Five Years

I saw article recently that caught my attention. The subject was dividend stocks, and it highlighted 32 that could double in value over the next five years.Who wouldn’t want to read this kind of article? Heck, ya. Where do I sign?Using the Rule of 72, to double in value in five years a stock’s got […]

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