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Archive Monthly Archives: February 2019

Why It’s Time To Dump Cronos Group

Cronos Group Inc. (CRON) is one of the hottest names in the pot stock space in 2019. The name experienced a major positive development in December 2018 when it announced tobacco giant Altria Group (MO) would be purchasing newly issued shares of CRON amounting to an approximately $1.8B USD investment. As CRON approaches earnings however, […]

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An Honest Look At Recession Risk – A Simple Model Tells You How Close We Are

As the global slowdown in economic growth continues and starts to bleed into many US economic data points, not many analysts dismiss the idea that the US economy is slowing anymore.There is a healthy debate around the severity of the slowdown and whether a move from 3% growth to 2% growth is something to worry […]

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Kraft Heinz: The Biggest Risk

When Things Don’t Go As PlannedOn March 25, 2015, working with Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.A) (BRK.B), 3G Capital, a Brazilian private investment group, announced that it would merge Kraft with Heinz, the condiment and canned foods giant it acquired with Mr. Buffett in 2013.The combined company was “expected to have a market value of […]

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3 Fast-Growing Must Own Tech Blue-Chips

SummaryAfter the worst December for stocks since 1931, a huge rally has lifted all boats, but especially trade sensitive tech companies.LRCX, AVGO and TXN have rallied sharply as recession and trade fears have eased.All three industry blue-chips are excellent dividend growth stocks, well worth owning at the right price.From today’s slightly discounted prices, AVGO and […]

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Mispriced Preferred Stock Opportunity: 10.5% Yield From Tsakos Energy

IntroductionAt High Dividend Opportunities, our main aim is to identify solid high-yielding investments to buy and hold for the long term. From time to time, however, various events cause short-term mispricing opportunities that are just too good to pass up. Today, we present another opportunity which is the result of the large Preferred Stock ETF, […]

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The Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning: A Look At Recessions

Recession chatter is abundant lately. It’s increasingly the focus of Q&A sessions at investor events at which I’ve been speaking. I also received a series of questions last week about recessions from a Schwab colleague who has many younger Schwabbies on his team, most of whom have not lived as working adults through a recession. […]

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AT&T’s High Dividend Yield Screams Of Trouble

AT&T Inc.’s (T) stock has fallen 15% over the past year, and the outlook for the shares looks dire now. The company reported poor fourth quarter results that showed subscriber declines in its DirecTV and DirecTV Now units. Meanwhile, revenue in its newly acquired Time Warner division is struggling.The stock’s dividend yield of 6.5% screams […]

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Now That Housing Bubble #2 Is Bursting… How Low Will It Go?

Unless the Fed is going to start buying millions of homes outright, prices are going to fall to what buyers can afford.There are two generalities that can be applied to all asset bubbles:Bubbles inflate for longer and reach higher levels than most pre-bubble analysts expected.All bubbles burst, despite mantra-like claims that “this time it’s different”.The […]

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7 Strong Buy Stocks Top Investors Are Buying Now

Did you ever copy from the smart kid in class and then score straight A’s? Well, now you can replicate this savvy move with top investor trades — and make some money while you’re at it!By tracking the most popular picks of investors who consistently outperform the market, you can easily boost your own returns. […]

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US Stock Market: V-Shaped Rally Continues for Ninth Week

The major U.S. equities indexes finished higher last week. The S&P 500 Index was up for the fourth straight week, while the Dow Jones Industrial Average and NASDAQ Composite posted their ninth consecutive weekly gains. In another bullish side, the emerging market indexes outperformed the larger-cap indexes. Furthermore, downside risks continued to be dampened. According […]

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