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Archive Monthly Archives: January 2019

4 Consumer Stocks That Will Defy Drop in Sentiment

The past few months have been nightmarish for some of the biggest consumer names on Wall Street, and that sure has affected your portfolio. For instance, food company Conagra Brands, Inc. saw its shares plummet nearly 40% in the last three months, while tech behemoth Apple Inc. plunged almost 20% in the same period.No doubt, […]

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Apple Stock Is Up. Don’t Buy the Suppliers, Says Analyst.

Apple’s shareholders are still suffering, and its suppliers aren’t faring much better.The iPhone maker’s latest earnings lifted the stock about 5.5% on Wednesday, but it is still 30% below its 52-week high. An index of 50-plus Apple suppliers Barron’s tracks is down 33% from its peak for the last 12 months. That means more than […]

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5 Top Consumer Stocks for 2019 — According to Wells Fargo

Who knows what 2019 will bring? It’s very possible the market will take another wild turn. And if so it’s best to be prepared. Consumer stocks are a terrific way to diversify your portfolio.But not all the consumer staple stocks are worthy investing opportunities. What does this mean? You have to know the ones to […]

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3 Red Flags Telling You It’s A Bad Dividend Stock

Are you nervous yet?I mean, did you finally figure out how to tame the market?Were you part of investors who lost money in 2018, or were you part of those who “sold right on time?”Or maybe you are like me and couldn’t care less about what is happening daily on the stock market. I don’t […]

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5 Large-Cap Tech Stocks Getting Cut Down

U.S. equities are under mixed pressure on Tuesday as disappointing earnings results, fears over the success of U.S.-China trade talks and the start of border wall talks between President Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi dampen enthusiasm for tech stocks.The Nasdaq Composite is holding with a loss of 0.7%, while large-cap stocks in the Dow […]

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My Oh My, These Dividend Stocks Are Very Strong Buys

IntroductionAs I explained in my portfolio update 63, I’m now focused on paying down margin and thus won’t be making changes to my real money portfolio for the foreseeable future. In fact, I’ve now realized the wisdom of Buffett’s warning against using margin.My partner Charlie says there is only three ways a smart person can go […]

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UPS Vs. FedEx: One Has Serious Issues

IntroductionI really enjoy this comparison because it provides, in my opinion, great insights into the age old question: how should a company’s management return shareholder capital? For new investors and for seasoned investors alike, the answer is pretty much never cut and dry. Many variables must be factored into deciding whether to pay a dividend, […]

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AT&T: There’s Still No Dividend Stock That Compares

Despite a solid last quarter, AT&T’s (T) stock continues to be stuck at rock-bottom levels. I consider this to be an outstanding entry point for what’s been one of the best dividend stocks over the past 25 years. AT&T’s dividend yield is more than 6.5% on an annual basis, which is near an all-time high […]

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Did The Fed Really Throw In The Towel Already?

The Fed TimelineI have written a number of articles during the fall that the Fed will have to pause and reverse much sooner than the market has expected. So, let’s look at what has been communicated before.On the 3rd of October 2018 Powell claimed we are likely a long way from normal with the following quote.We […]

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Inseego Has Tripled, But It’s Still Undervalued

We might be overdoing it a bit writing yet another article on Inseego (INSG), which is the top-performing stock in our SHU portfolio (we bought it for $1.52 16 months ago).But we think we can be forgiven because the shares still present a very good opportunity, even if the shares have more than tripled from […]

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